This May Sound Vain But What About Botox While BF

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Guest - February 5

I am 1st time new mom..I am br___tfeeding my baby and I am almost 40 years old. I am starting to look a little weathered postpartum and was looking for ways to "freshen up my look". I was wondering if I can get botox while br___tfeeding? Also, what about line fillers like restalyne? Are these things safe to do while br___tfeeding. I had thought about both of these procedures before I became pregnant but would never dream about getting them done while pregnant? But what about now? I am just curious. If it is not a good idea... what about after I stop BF'ing..I want to get pregnant again at the end of the summer.. would it be a no no if I had had botox or restalyne and again fell pregnant? Thankyou


Lisastar9 - February 5

Have you tried to do a search on this if it is something you want to do.


LisaB - February 5

If you wouldn't do it while preggo I wouldn't do it now. While bf anything going in you body goes in your los body also just smaller amounts and so little research has been done on it I wouldn't trust whats out there. I looked like hell the first 3-4 months of b___st feeding and then it got much better so I would wait just until your atleast rested.


Guest - February 6



apr - February 6

this may sound silly, but what is botox?


Guest - February 6

apr, Botox is injected into wrinkles, and relaxes the muscles supporting the wrinkles. It can get rid of crows feet, frown lines etc. It is derived from botulism in minute amounts. IT is also use to help people who sweat alot. I do not know if it is safe to get this procedure while nursing..wondering if anyone else has experience with this?


Jelly - February 6

I am not sure about those procedures and if they are safe while b___stfeeding, but my guess is yes, botox is safe, because it doesn't move through the body or get into the bloodstream or anything, so why not, but do your research or talk to a doctor, but I know something thats great. Microdermabration, they do the procedure in many spas, its a lazer treatment for the front layer of your skin, costs about 160 but leaves yoru face kinda red for a couple of days after, but afterwards makes your skin look fabulous! Its for all ages..


Guest - February 7

Thanks for the tip jelly!! I will look into microdermabrasion too!! :)



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