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Marlene - June 12

I have heard that one sign a baby is ready for soilds is when they are blowing rasberries and I was wondering what that was? My son is only 3 1/2months old and the doctor just said to start feeding him cereal by a spoon if I wanted to, I have no plans to feed him solids yet but I just like to know the warning signs. Thank in advice for your answers.


Sarahsmommy - June 12

rasberries is when they stick there tongue inbetween their lips and b__ws. It b__ws spit everywhere but it is so cute. I hope this explains it well. Other signs they are ready is good head control, they are supposed to of doubled their birth weight (mine hadn't) and I can't remembe the other ones.


YC - June 12

Signs that the baby is ready for solids are 1) doubled birthweight and is at least 13+lbs 2) sits with help or support 3)is hungry after 8-10 b___stfeedings or 32 oz of formula. A great website to look at for help with starting solids is


Marlene - June 12

Thank you ladies very much!! He has been doing the rasberries thing but I didnt know what it was called. He has doubled his birth weight but I will wait until he turns 4-months in two weeks to start cereal. No need to rush it. I just can't wait for the first feeding I know it will be fun!!


Madys mommy - June 12

Just one patient. My daughter is 5monhs old and I've just started her once a day on cereal. It's a little frustrating because as soon as it goes in it comes out. She's unsure of the taste and texture. It takes them awhile to realize what's going on and it can also make a huge mess. MY daughter will spit it out, rub her face and then its in her eyes and her hair. Be prepared for the tub after a few feedings. Also what i have found is that so many people are rushing to feed their babies early that sometimes its more of a headache than it's worth. They say 6 months but if you find that your son is watching you eat and not going very long between nursing feeds than maybe it is time to try. Have fun and good luck ...and keep the wipes close by


HannahBaby - June 12

my daughter didnt b__w raspberries until she was around year old so i dont agree with that.. I started my daughter on solids at 4 months. Most got on her face not in her mouth but she learned.


psychology - June 12

Maybee a coincidence, but I stared cereal with my 4 month old daughter, 15 pounds four days ago....and for the first time she slept more than 5 hours in a row. She slept from 9pm till 5am, WOW!!! She loves it and swallows realy well.


krnj - June 12

Hi my pedi said it was ok to give my ds rice cereal by spoon and in his bottle at night. He's 3 & 1/2 months too. He is b__wing rasberries and has pretty good head control. Not to mention he's drooling everywhere!! He has been sleeping for 5 hours at night which isn't too bad!


Marlene - June 13

krnj what day was your son born?? And have you tried the rice cereal by spoon yet??


krnj - June 13

marlene, my ds was born 2/28. What day was yours born? They must be close! I tried the spoon, the first time he spit it out and he took it the second time. He's always hungry, the little piggy. lol How many oz does your son eat?


Marlene - June 13

krnj Malachi was born 2/26. He is drinking 6oz about every 3-4hours. He still wakes up at night atleast once for a feeding. He is always hungry too!! I'm going to try the cereal this weekend he has been looking at my food like he wants some. He has already had the cereal in his bottle so I know he likes it, I just have to see how feeding him it on a spoon goes!! How many oz is your ds drinking?


krnj - June 13

marlene, my son drinks anywhere from 4-6 oz. Sometimes I don't think that's enough because he eats every 2-3 hours! He falls asleep while he eats and constantly has his fingers in his mouth. Today he was driving me nuts, crying every time I walked out of the room! Is your ds drooling? I think he may be starting to teethe. This should be fun! ;)


Marlene - June 13

my ds is drooling all the time.Everytime I kiss him it is a wet kiss I love it!!My mother thinks he is starting to teethe.He just had his 4-month check and had to get shots and was so cranky I felt so bad for him. Does your ds sleep through the night?



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