This Sucks

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Eryn - December 19

I was going to go to work today but it's to damn cold here! It's -6 degrees with a wind chill of -13! I don't want my car to stall with Ellie in it. Now I am sooo bored. I did all the housework yesterday. I'll just twidle my thumbs.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 19

Wanna come to my house and clean it! I'm working and nothing gets done at home! LOL! I'm just kidding. I just wish I was kidding about my house being a wreck!


Beccah - December 19

LOL @ Rachael. Eryn most of us stay at home all day and hang out here!


monica - December 19

My Dh and I cleaned yesterday....the only way I can get DH to get excited about cleaning is if his friends are coming over for dinner....So we did lots of cleaning yesterday....but I am sure it will be a mess by tomorrow.


Eryn - December 19

Call me crazy but I like cleanning. I think its more the result I like then the work.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 19

I like the result too, but Lucas does not give me two seconds to go to the bathroom most of the time, let alone clean. And working full time makes it even more impossible. I do keep up with the bathroom and laundry, don't think I am a pig or nothingLOL! It's just anything beyond the basics is out of the question these days!


Eryn - December 19

Yeah! My fiance is coming home because it's too cold to work outside!


Eryn - December 19

Ok never mind he came home and went right to the playstation. Thumbs will resume twidling.


Jamie - December 19

Awww, Eryn...come clean my


Jenn... - December 19

Perfect weather for baking cookies, and having some hot cocoa :)


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 19

I don't mind cleaning, but it gets me annoyed when Ben has to held while I'm in the middle of washing up, or cleaning the loo or something. My partner seems to think he deserves the lie in cos he stays up all night on the computer. I hate a messy bathroom and messy kitchen. My bedrooms need doing so badly! Anyone fancy coming to help lol ;-)


Kristina - December 19

lol...that better be fereheit cause it is usually -40C here.



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