Those Who Have Left P Amp P Please Read

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Kristina - April 24

Hi ladies, I just wanted to say to those who have left P&P that I would like to remain in contact with all of you. I hate the thought of having to lose a handful of whom I consider friends because of other peoples bickering. I am considering on giving up on forums for this reason. =( Please email me at [email protected]


nic nac - April 24

who left??? I am still a member there. I never saw any bickering on that forum only this one. Am I missing something?


Tjane - April 24

I dont see anything about the drama, maybe I am missing something, I dont see what the big deal it, why has it come here and all these threads been started over it?


Nerdy Girl - April 24

Not to sound like an idiot, but what the heck is P&P? All I hear about on this forum is people talking about P&P.


Chelle - April 24

I'm curious also, what is P&P? There's so many posts about it.


JMux - April 24

I'd also like to know what P&P is.


HannahBaby - April 24

you dont want to know what PNP me.


Piper - April 24


Lillie E - April 24

pnp was an awesome forum and still is. its downward spiral has to do with people who couldn't follow the rules of that forum going to other forums and talking smack pretty much... there are really nice people there and some really good advice. i really like it.


PandPHost - April 24

It does not matter anyways it will most likely be shut down soon.


Lillie E - April 24

why would pnp be shut down soon?


TCB - April 24

I agree i really lovve P&P. IT is NOT going down anytime soon.


Heidi - April 25

Hopefully they keep it open so everyone can keep chatting and stay in touch.


nic nac - April 25

I am a member there and I haven't seen any bickering. Maybe I am looking in the wrong categories. I like it there. Kristina have you left?? if so, why and what categories are there bickering on? I will go and see now.


tlew - April 25

what does pnp stand for?


KrYstaL - April 25

Do you use msn?


tlew - April 25

how long was it running or is it still running? Does is work similar to this one? Sorry if Im asking too many questions, but this was the only forum that I knew about.



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