Thoughts On Highlighting Hair While Pregnant

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missy - January 5

Hi ladies!! I am 21 weeks pregnant, and I need to get my hair highlighted but am not sure if it can harm baby or not. Did any of you get your hair done while pregnant?Thanks!!! Congrats to all you mommies!!


monica - January 5

I didnt only because I am extremely paranoid. But from what I heard it should be OK for highlights.


Christy - January 5

Do it! :) I got mine done twice while I was preggo and had no problems. I waited until 13 weeks per my ob's advice and let my colorist know as well.


Barb - January 5

i did doc. said it was ok....congratulations! =)


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 5

It is fine. I do hair for a living (well not right now b/c I am a SAHM but I usually do hair for a living) I did it the whole time I was pregnant (got it done and did it for other people) If it makes you feel better, ask your stylist to open a window or turn a fan on while doing so but either way you will be fine!


momma - January 5

i am also a haidresser, I was always told while in school that you should avoid any chemical (color or perm) that is permanant if it will actually touch your scalp highlights should be fine as long as there is good ventalation


The real Lissi - January 5

I also had my highlights done twice when pregnant and my daughter is fine. Get it done! It will make you feel good and that can only be good for baby. :)


KrisD - January 5

I waited till after my 1st trimester - per my doctors orders (literally the next day I had it colored). But, in actuality, I had it highlighted before I even knew I was pregnant.


J - January 5

There is a difference between want and need. You need to eat, you don't need to have your hair highlighted. You WANT to highlight your hair. This difference between wants and needs will become much clearer to you when your child starts telling you all the things that they just neeeeed to have. Most of them are toys! Hair dyes have toxic chemicals that are absorbed into your system and you breathe them as well. Toxic things add up in out enviroment, many of them can't be avoided. Avoid the ones that you can.


The real Lissi - January 5

I checked with my doctor, and he said it was ok, and like I said, my daughter is fine.


desiree - January 5

I had my hair highlighted and coloured twice and we were both fine!! Enjoy!


Shelly - January 6

To J: THANK you so much for explaining the difference between want and need!!!! I am sure none of us knew that.!!!! What would we do without people like you!!! MISSY, do it,it will make you feel better,and feeling better is something you NEED when you are pregnant....isn't that right J?


The real Lissi - January 6

Damn right! I felt frumpy as hell when I was pregnant! The only thing I had any control over was my hair!


Shelly - January 6

J...J...J..does that stand for Jennifer??


TC - January 6

Umm excuse me J but I think that Missy used the right word. I don't think that she needed or wanted you to explain want and need to her. When I was pregnant I NEEDED to get my hair done bc I felt like hot garbage without having it done. And no pregnant woman should ever feel like that. Getting my hair done made me feel better and made me much pleasant to be around. BTW, what is wrong with getting your child a toy that they want????


missy - January 6

thank you girls for your responses!! And J -I do know the difference between want and need I happen to have a 3 year old at home!! Trust me I NEED my hair done. When I was pregnant with my son I never had to worry about it, but last year I got my hair highlighted. You girls are right , you really need to feel good about yourself!!! Thanks again!!!!!


jg - January 6

I NEED chocolate..... get your hair done missy - the girl who did mine when i was pregnant was also pregnant!! And her hair had fresh blue straks in it!! haha



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