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emmy - June 19

My son since 6 months old is a year now has thrown up often after eating. I felt that it was to often and have asked the doctor, she says it is normal. He doesn't just spite up, it looks like all his food comes up. Is their any advice of what this could be. It usually happens twice a week! Thanks


jas - June 19

My first son used to projectile vomit when he was that age - since he didn't do it all the time, the doc wasn't worried about it. I cut down on the oz of formula he took in (not the solids) and that seemed to help a little. Personally, if you think he is throwing up a lot - push the doc to investigate. Good luck!


emmy - June 19

thank you jas! How many ounces of formula was your son taking per serving and what did you cut back to?


luvbendict - June 19

Do you think there is any chance that he is too full?? Because my ds does the same thing when he eats too much. Maybe you could try to feed him more often but less portion since their tummy is so little. I also do the same thing as narcissus , whenever my baby tries to make himself vomit I would distract his attention so he won't vomit, so far it worked!


Ang - June 19

My ds has started that sort of annoying BS as well. lol Except the little bugger puts his hands in his mouth and makes himself gag... then looks at me and laughs like it's the funnies things ever as he sits soaked in his own vomit. Nice, really nice. He's not even 6 months yet so I'm hoping he's just being a little goober and will quickly get over his rescent "discovery" LOL Good luck to you though.


jas - June 19

He was taking 8 and I cut back to 6...


Bonnie - June 19

Emmy, he sounds like what is known as a "happy spitter" in the reflux world. It is reflux without any complications (except maybe the messit makes for poor mommy). As long as he stays happy with no pain and does not start to lose weight, then it is okay...he can barf all he wants. ;) If he starts losing weight or having pain then the pediatrician needs to notified again. He will outgrow this.


melissa g. - June 20

my little brother was a major barfer when he was a baby / little boy. He threw up ALL the time, still ate happily tho and gained weight. He threw up (not just spit up) pretty much every day of his life until he was 6 yrs old!



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