Throwing Up Formula

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BWIND - March 12

Our son is almost four weeks old. He originally started on Enfamil Lipil w/ iron. He was very fussy, gassy, and cried non-stop after a bottle. He also had trouble with bm. Called the doc...she said switch to Gentlease. He started having at least one BM a day....but very green. Then after about a week and a half...he started throwing up practially everything he had drank. He does this a couple of times a day...not with every bottle. I put him on Isomil Soy. I had to have that when I was little and my mom said he was acting just like me. Plus, the doc said if Gentlease didn't work...put him on that. Well, afte 5 bottles he threw up his entire 6th bottle. This is just more than spit-up...It is everything he drinks. Any suggestions what is wrong with this? Or am I being paranoid as a first time mom.


luviduvi - March 12

Sounds like he has acid reflux. Are you sure its the whole bottle? Call your ped. they need to check babies weight to make sure he is not losing any wieght. Does he act like he is in pain? You need to make a thread and reach out to Bonnie. She is the Reflux Mesiah around this forum. Be careful however, it could be more than reflux, call your ped.


BWIND - March 12

I called the doc and she said to give him pedalite. He can drink 1 oz and then another 1 oz 45 minutes later. He did fine with it...but is screaming like crazy again. He has a tem of 99.2. Is that okay for an infant? The doc said if he throws up to bring him in tomorrow. UGH


Ciarasmom - March 12

Fevers scare me because it indicates an infection the body is fighting off. I would call back the doc and make sure it is ok especially because he is throwing up so much and is extremly fussy. He may have a virus or cold. It is better to be safe then sorry.


BriannasMummy - March 12

Just to let you know that 99.2 is an okay temperature for a baby.. but if it keeps rising it does indicate there might be an infection his body is fighting off. My neice is a puker like that.. she pukes up puddles of formula.. she doesnt act like she in any pain though. She also is gaining weight like crazy she is a month old and weighs 12lbs 2oz. I think I would take him to the pediatrician to get checked just in case though. ~Kristin~



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