Thumb Sucking Question

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krnj - May 9

Hi my ds has found his hands and thumb. He takes a pacifier but is there any way to get him not to suck on his hands and thumb?


Rabbits07 - May 9

I think mittens are about the safest way to prevent it. Alot of people use 'taste deterrents', but I'm sure everyone heard about the woman who accidentally killed her baby using such things...I think she had used chili powder? That's so sad.


lynnstress - May 9

Babies are born with a strong urge/need to suck. Just wait until he puts everything in his mouth! My son sometimes wants to suck MY fingers :)


LisaB - May 9

Babies explore the world with their mouths. Wait until you baby can get his toes in his mouth then the fingers become old news, I really wouldn't worry about it yet. My son sucked his whole hand but now will put anything within reach in his mouth, its funny when he goes for the cat, thank god he can' t get her.


hello - May 10

Thats disgusting people use things to deter it, whats wrong with people? Thumb sucking, putting the foot in the mouth, the hand is all normal and babies are learning and discovering they have feet and hands, just let it go, my daughter sucked her thumb for a month or so, still sometimes a foot will go in her mouth and she is nearing one, they are babies and that is what they do


Rabbits07 - May 10

I don't really think there is anything "wrong" with wanting to keep your baby from thumbsucking if that is your preference. I think some parents get concerned because while you can take a pacifier away from a child you can't take a thumb away. Babies do have the urge to suck and I think as long as they are provided with something to satisfy that need (a pacifier) then I don't really see anything wrong with trying to deter from the thumb as long as safe methods are used. I think alot of parents worry that it will become a life-long habit and they will have a school age child sucking their thumb which is a possibility. When my husband is setting around watching t.v or something and his hands are free his two centered fingers (ring & middle) always end up in his mouth and he does it without even realizing it. He gets really embara__sed when he realizes he's doing it, but my mil says that he's sucked on those two fingers ever since he was born.On a personal note, my ds sucks his thumb on occa__sion and I do think it's adorable and don't try to stop him because I've not been able to get him to take a paci. And while I think it is cute when my dh does what he does, I really don't want to see Mason as a grown man sucking his thumb.


Jamie - May 10

Sucking is actually good for baby's mouth - since they don't get their teeth or gums brushed daily like older children and adults, the sucking/swallowing moves saliva around, and helps prevent gum disease. It doesn't become damaging to their mouths til they're about 2. Also, sucking is a comfort thing - why would you want to deny your child a source of comfort?


Miloswife - May 10

first of all to Jamie i dont think that she is wanting to deny her son of a source of comfort i think that she is trying to prevent other problems she is not wanting to take his pacifier away she just wants to keep him from sucking his thumb there is a difference. and to RABBITS07 who is this woman who killed her baby?


Rabbits07 - May 10

I had to look it up as I didn't remember her name only the incident. Her name was Angela DiSabella. She used chili powder on her 5 month old daughter's thumb to deter her from sucking it. The baby suffocated to death. This happened in 2004 in Texas. She was convicted of murder in November of 2005 and given 7 years.


Bonnie - May 10

I don't know much about deterring it at that age. Personally, I think thumb sucking is easier as you don't have to deal with a binky falling out every 2 seconds, lol. However, it IS harder to break later. I could not get my other son to stop no matter what he did and he sucked his thumb (in private as when he got older we would make him stop) until he was 8 years old! Finally, the kids at school started teasing him :( and he quit on his own. But I still would say just let him do it. Sorry I do not have any advice on how to stop it though.



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