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ITSABOY - January 22

Here we go again starting another chat on weight loss well today i am 265 so as you can tell i have gained some weight in the past month so its time to get serious now.I am on blood pressure medicine and i really believe that if i can lose weight i can lose the medicine.I was told by the doctor there is a chance it is hereditary and i may not be able to lose it but i was also told it is worth a shot and even if dont get off the medicine i know i will be healthier but my goal is to get off the medicine.I am only 21 will be 22 jan 30th.I have 1 baby boy age almost 5 months.I want more kids in the future 1 maybe even 2 more but i have to get my blood pressure under control.This time it is not a diet i am changing my life i am not looking back i am losing weight for 100 diffrent reasons number one to be healthy and happier!You girls give so much support no matter what the problem is i can always depend on you,In my eyes this is better than a weightloss forum bc we all just had babies.Ok so i cant use the excuse i just had a baby anymore he is 5 months lol!I want to have me some buddies to take this journey with me.I have a goal of 150 by january 30th 2008 that is over a year 115 lbs to lose.I am starting right now!Any one want to join this time i am not giving up!!I can do this and you can too!!!!!!!!!!!!


BriannasMummy - January 22

I think thats a very smart way to lose weight.. by having a lifestyle change instead of a diet. After all you want to keep the weight off once its gone! Before I got pregnant I was on blood pressure medicines, I was on the medication all the time I was pregnant.. and finally when she was born.. my blood pressure steadied by itself.. so no more medicine as of right now.. since December 7th.. yay! I know there is some weight that I need to lose. Right before I got pregnant i lost 56lbs with a lifestyle change. I was worried when I got pregnant that I was going to gain a bunch of weight back.. it scared me. I finally had my 6 week check up on Thursday and since giving birth I have lost all of my pregnancy weight plus 4 lbs.. so im on the right track again. I really hope everything works out for you.. and ill be more then happy to lend support if you need it! Cheers to new beginnings! ~Kristin~


ITSABOY - January 22

BriannasMummy thankyou so much hunny i need someone like you to help me throught this bc you have already done it.Congrats on your weight loss i weighed 286 prepregnancy and 240 after i had the baby that is right i lost 48 lbs while i was pregnant and now tyson is 5 months so i have gained 25 lbs in these 5 months and the holidays did not help much.I am so motivated to lose this weight i never had a blood pressure problem untill i was 34 weeks pregnant and then he had to take the baby at 37 weeks bc it was so high.I am scard of this problem!How old are you?Did you have trouble gettting off the medicine bc i am worried i will have problems with that i want to be off it.What kind did you take i take atenonol 100 mg the strongest dose.I get dizzy alot and fatigue or maybe i am just lazy lol but i am putting a stop to that.How did you lose the weight (eat right and excercise)i am going to post what i eat every day that way i will be embarrased to post something bad or alot of food that may help me keep up with what i eat to.I am going to weigh one time a week.Anyone else want to join?


Shea - January 22

Hi Itsaboy, glad you are back on track. I am still doing good on my diet, I've lost 15lbs so far. Kristin is right, it's all about lifestyle change. One thing that may help is when you crave something not on your diet, think of a way you can make it healthier. For example, I wanted a cheeseburger...well I made myself one, just a burger w/ 1 slice of cheese, and plopped it on top of a bed of lettuce & tomato & put some fresh salsa on it. Still had my cheeseburger, but way better than hitting McDs. Or if you really want something, cut everything in half and throw away the rest (or save for next day, but way better to get the temptation out of sight). You have to imagine yourself living your new healthy lifestyle...just keep at it one day at a time, you can do it!


vonzo - January 22

hey itsaboy, glad you're back! after xmas and new i started my new healthy lifestyle and in 2 weeks i've lost 10lbs, 2 inches off my waist and 2.5inches off my hips!!! I cant believe it! I haven't even started any exercise yet, i've just kept myself busy playing with my dd and tidying the house. The first few days were TOUGH!! But now it doesn't bother me, if i fancy chocolate i'll have one square and suck it instead of guzzling a whole bar. I was a total sceptic at first but if you savour every mouthful and pay attention to what you're eating you do get full and more satisfied much quicker. If you want any tips or recipes just give me a shout and i'll be happy to help! Well done Briannasmummy and Shea, hope i do as well as you two!Good luck!! :o)


ash2 - January 22

Hey itsaboy, i have been still trying to lose weight. I think i have lost 5 pounds since new years. I probably could have lost more if i really tried. I am right now at 185. pounds. I was 150 before pregnancy. I am very tall though, so it doesnt look like i weight that much. My weakness is chocolate !!!


BriannasMummy - January 22

Hey ladies!!! Itsaboy.. im just going to go ahead and answer all of your questions. Firstly im 25 years old.. I didnt have any trouble getting off the medicine at all.. it was funny.. after I had the baby they just kept checking my blood pressure and it was always at the awesome realm of things. I didnt take n e medication while in the hospital and when I went to visit my actual doctor he said.. youre doing wonderfully no more medicine for now. I was on methyldopa the lowest dose possible only once a day. It seems because this is a lifestyle change and not a diet it works much better. I just dont want the things that are unhealthy, I know that sounds crazy.. but its true, and if i have a hankering for something.. i have it. Walking is my big excercise.. even though its freezing I go as much as I can.. other then that running after my babies helps me out. I watch my portion sizes and I watch the labels on the box. Because you have high blood pressure keep a very very close eye on how much sodium you are having. Sodium is "evil" hehe.. when it comes to high blood pressure. I really see youre enthusiasum about losing the weight and i really think you can do it!!! ~Kristin~


EricaG - January 22

hey itsaboy, I'm glad you're feeling so motivated. Make sure that the diet plan you're starting off with is reasonable so that you don't get discouraged. So many women say "I'm going to eat 1200 calories a day" Then after a couple of days they're starvign to death, binge, and totally ruin their diet. Eat, just eat sensibly. You can do it :o) I know you can because I did it (almost done, lol) and I absolutely love food. I was 182.5 lbs before I got pregnant and now, 6 months postpartum I'm 133.8 , so I've lost 48.7 lbs and have 8.8 more to go until I'm at my goal. YOU CAN DO IT. Just believe that you are worth it. Do you like cake? If you like chocolate cake buy a cake mix, mix it with 12 oz. (a can) of diet coke, bake it in the oven and it's a wonderfully moist delicious chocolatey cake without as many calories. Like Strawberry cake instead? Use strawberry cake mix and 12 oz. of 7-up. If you want frosting (which I don't even do because it's so good without it) use fat free cool whip mixed with different flavored (vanilla, chocolate etc.) dry pudding mix for some yummy icing. I put mine in muffin tins for preportioned servings :o)


Shea - January 22

Also, I joined the Discovery Health National Body Challenge. It's free and gives you suggestions about what to eat, recipes, etc. and exercise.


mandee25 - January 22

My son is 2 months old and I still haven't started my weight loss plan yet. I am having a hard time getting started. Currently I weigh about 240 lbs. I feel terrible about myself. My weight goal is 160 lbs. by Jan.1/2008. That is 80 pounds. I am like you ITSABOY, I want to change my lifestyle and not just go on a "diet". I want to do this for myself, my baby boy and my hubby, but primarily for my health. I want to have 1 or 2 more children within the next 5 years. I also want to buy a treadmill to exercise but we can't really afford it right now. Thanks for starting this thread. We all need support to lose weight and this is a good way to find it. Good luck ladies! Let's get with the program!


ConnorsMommy - January 22

I promise to join you after April comes along ;) .. I'd join you now, but i'm pretty sure 'dieting' wouldn't be good to do while pregnant =P .. I'm trying to give myself a head-start (eating healthy, staying 'pretty' active [i.e. chasing my son around.. lol]).. When I was pregnant with my first son, I got up to 203lbs... which did not look good (I'm only 5'2'').. I lost 30lbs. just from having him and I lost 20lbs. by 3mos. PP... and then I got pregnant again when he was 6mos. (it was planned).. but i am sooo ready to have this baby! I want to start losing weight.. my goal weight is 130lbs. by Christmas '07. I'm 170lbs. right now at 26 weeks pregnant.. i HOPE not to gain no more than 10lbs... Anyway, I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK! And keep an eye out when April rolls around for my "tired of being fat" post too ;)


ITSABOY - January 23

I believe in myself losing weight is so hard but it is so easy to gain weight.I am hard at it today i weigh in 1 time a week at the local hospital bc i joined scale abck alabama and the team that loses the most weight gets 1000 dollors a piece so that is extra motivation but really i just want to be healthy and teach tyson the right foods to eat to be healthy and make a good example for him.If anyone wants to weigh in with me and count our weightloss steps along the way please do.I know alot of you have already lost weight and that helps me in knowing that if others can i can too its not inpossible so i will be posting everything i eat starting today and i will be excercing everyday .Today i had a lean pocket for breakfest with diet peppsi and i am also drinking lots of water.If any one has any tips that will help me out please let me know.I am back on track and you have my promise i will lose this weight!


amber508 - January 23

I so want to lose weight too, my problem is my husband, sometimes its me too though. I have gained about 20lbs since being out here. My husband likes eating out, ALL The time! OR pizzas, he eats WAY too much Pizza. I dont know how to lose the weight with things that are in this house, or always going out, without his help. I am 23 yrs old, have two girls a 2 yr old and a 1 month old, I am so young to be my weight. However, I have always struggled weight as my entire family is overweight. I weigh 236, I dont want to weigh this much. I would LOVE to be 150 or less. Any tips on how to do this?


vonzo - January 23

Hey guys, a little tip is portion size! I always matched my portion with my hubbys and for my height that was WAY too much. I cut my portion size down and its working. 2-3oz of uncooked pasta is enough for 1 person, the same with rice. Before i used to probably have double that. Just start off changing little things, and when you feel you can cope with that, change something else. If you go out to dinner alot try to choose grilled things instead of fried, and go for tomato based sauces instead of creamy ones and you'll save a heap of calories there too. Also go for a vinegar based dressing instead of an oil based one and ALWAYS ask for it to be served separatley then you can just put a little on to flavour the food instead of having it swim in the stuff. Good luck everyone :o)


ITSABOY - January 29

Well girls i weigh on mondays and i have lost 9 lbs in 1 week..I am so proud of myself.Ihave just been counting calories and being more active.I weigh 256 now.How is everyone?


Shea - January 29

That's awesome, itsaboy! That kind of weight loss gives such motivation to keep going!! I have had a flat week (no loss) but I am working out more consistently so I am still pleased, and still doing good on my eating. Writing down everything has really helped to keep me honest!


BriannasMummy - January 29

WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!! That is awesome.. youre doing such a good job!!! You should be so proud of yourself! Congratulations! ~Kristin~



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