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Dia_ - June 24

Hey girl!! I saw you on the "big countdown" thread in the 3rd tri board asking where I was. I have been MIA big time on here! I had my little boy on June 15th. I walked around dialated to 4 cm for weeks 38-40, then at 40 wks 1 day I was induced because I was on my way to having pre-eclampsia. We are all doing really good though! I am having a bit of PPD, but not bad. Sometimes I look at him and get so overwhelmed with how much I love him and how much I am going to worry about him in the years to come. How are you and your little one doing? How old is he now? Hope to see you on here soon!!!!


Bonnie - June 24

Dia, I don't know you but just wanted to say congrats to you!!!! Hope everything is going okay so far. Is this your first? I was NOT prepared fopr the baby blues after! It goes away (and you begin to feel more like yourself) after about 2 weeks.


Tillie - June 25

YAY DIA!!!! I'm so glad you're here!! Oh my gosh, congratulations on your baby boy. What's his name? I had a girl, Chloe, on June 2nd. I absolutely adore her--I know just what you mean by being overwhelmed with love. SO TRUE! And I'm sorry to hear about the PPD, but you are not alone. I cried for the first two weeks--I was overwhelmed, hormonal, confused, freaked out, full of love. All combined, I thought I was losing it. The third week has been much better, though Chloe cries a lot and I feel really alone a lot of the time because my husband works SO much. How about you? How are you? How was the induction?


Tillie - June 25

Bonnie, I just read your post--I feel like after 2 weeks, mine definitely started to lift, too. I didn't realize most people go through this!


Dia_ - June 25

Hi girls!!! Bonnie ~ congrats to you too! This is my first and he is 10 days old now. It feels like I have had him for forever! I cry a lot and I get overwhelmed when I can't console him or he doesn't want to be held. He is such a little turkey! Tillie ~ I am glad I found you! I am sorry I called Chloe a "he" - I must have forgotten you were having a little girl. I absolutely LOVE the name Chloe - how cute! You described exactly how I have been feeling - since I am still in the 2 week window I hope it goes away soon. DH goes back to work tomorrow - I was fortunate enough to have him take a week off to spend at home. I really don't know how I would have dealt with it if he weren't here. Especially since we have no family where we live. I am sorry your DH works alot - mine does too. We are military so they kind of own us...and can make him work super long hours for weeks on end with no days off and we don't get paid any extra. It kinda sucks! My induction was pretty good. I labored for about 9 hours and pushed for 1.5 hours. They gave me an epidural right away because I was already at 4 cm...and the epi hurt really, really bad. Then, about 4 hours later I was dialated to a 9.5 so they cut my epidural completely off. The bad thing was is that it took me another 5 hours to finish dialating and then another 1.5 to push him out, so most of my transition labor and the actual delivery was done drug free. It was the worst pain I have ever been in in my life - it was all I could do not to pa__s out during contractions and they were coming on top of each other for over 3 hours. BUT - it was worth it! We need to keep in touch on here - I am sure I will be having a TON of questions!!!


Tillie - June 27

Dia, how was your first day alone with baby? My first day was a disaster--I cried all day! But after a few days it got a little easier. Like you, I have no family nearby, either--I hope you have some friends or support system? Having a baby can feel so d__n lonely. Just the opposite of how I thought it would feel. Where do you live? Is it Florida still? Didn't you just move, or are you about to? I finally moved last month and my place is still a wreck. Nothing on the walls, all my books still in boxes...I have no energy or time to do anything! And as I mentioned, my dh is always at work, so I can't get much help there. Oh well. Anyway--tell me how you're feeling!


Tillie - June 27

Did you post a birth story on the 3rd trimester board?


Dia_ - June 29

Hi Tillie! I actually didn't post a birth story - I have been so busy! Here it is: I went in for induction because I had protein in my urine, which basically means I was about 3 points away from having pre-eclampsia. So, I was one day overdue and they induced me. I had an epidural which hurt very badly, but once it was in I didn't feel any contractions. I dialated to a 7 fairly quickly and the baby went into distress. His heartrate was jumping from 105 to 170 and all of a sudden I had about 4 doctors in there and nurses on either side flipping me from side to side while the doctors were "probing" trying to get a better heartrate. I felt like I was in an episode of ER - it was really scary and no one would tell me what was going on but they were barking orders at me like mad. They also put oxygen on me and I started to freak out. They stabilized the baby and cut off my epidural because they figured I would dialate to 10 in about an hour and they wanted me to feel the contractions so I could push. WELL...that didn't happen. I labored for 9 hours and they stopped my epidural after 4 hours...so that means I didn't dialate to 10 for another 5 hours...without an epidural. It was the most horrific pain ever - I am now no longer afraid of any type of physical pain. I have been through the worst of it...natural drug-free childbirth - YUCK! However, the rest of the delivery went well and it took me about an hour and a half to push him out and I only needed about 2 st_tches. And he was very healthy when he was born so everything was good! My first day alone with Hunter was actually pretty good - DH was able to spend the first week with me so I was pretty used to the baby when he finally went back to work. I would have been a mess otherwise!! Hunter has been very ga__sy and it is painful for him. He cries when he is pa__sing gas. My doctor gave us some gas drops but they don't seem to help much. Are you dealing with gas too? I am still in FL...we aren't moving until the end of August and Hunter will be about 3 months old. We still have NO idea where we are going to go or what DH is doing for a job! Scary!


angelbebe - June 29

HI ladies-just want to say congrats to you all. We were all due within weeks of each other. I had my baby girl on May 30th. Couldn't you just stare at them for hours? Well, actually I do! : )


Dia_ - June 29

Hi Angelbebe! I could (and DO) stare at Hunter for hours. I lay him on the floor on a blanket and lay down next to him and just watch....and watch.....and watch.... :)


Tillie - June 29

Hi Angelbebe! I remember we were due within weeks of each other--so nice to see you over here. I'm finding this infant care forum even more helpful than the 3rd trimester one! I guess because frankly this job of motherhood is a lot harder than pregnancy. In my opinion! Dia, I'm so sorry to hear your labor was so tough. Yikes, I've heard inductions can be horrible. I was induced, though, and had a great one. I feel so lucky. I dilated really fast, got an epidural at 6 cm (didn't even feel it--awful that yours hurt!? What did it feel like?) then they turned it off at 9-10 and I pushed out chloe in about an hour. Which of course was hard--I threw up multiple times all over myself from pushing which was a little humiliating (my family was there) but I found the experience so d__n profound and beautiful overall. I still can't believe how amazing it was. Is that weird? I think about it all the time. And miss my doctor immensely. (Yes, I think I AM weird.) I'm glad your first day with Hunter was good, and I'm sorry to hear your move is up in the air. Do you have any sense of where you might end up? When I first met my husband he had just gotten out of the army, so he has a lot of military friends--I can't believe what their poor wives go through. I feel for you! But I'm sure it's really rewarding, too. Maybe you'll get to live overseas! (My dream.) YES, Chloe has awful gas and screams for hours every day trying to get it out. The drops don't seem to work for us, either. I'm a little shocked at how much she cries, actually...they didn't tell us about this in our newborn care cla__s!



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