Tiniest Baby Goes Home

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torbman - February 21

cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/World/2007/02/19/3651989-ap.html Has anyone checked this story out? Wow. What a miracle to be alive. She is a fighter.


Heather F - February 21

how small was she?


torbman - February 21

sorry you have to take the one dash out by the 7 but the other stays. She was born at 10 ounces, and 9 inches long, born at 22 weeks


Ca__sJ - February 21

I saw this story. That is so amazing! Did you see her tiny feet in that picture? they are no bigger than a paper clip! That is a miracle!


Rabbits07 - February 21

I had heard about this from a girl I work with....she was angry about it. She had told me that she had given birth to a baby a couple of years ago at around 22 weeks. Her baby died. She said she didn't understand why that baby lived and hers had to die. Part of me doesn't understand that feeling but then another part of me does (like after I had my m/c and I would see women having babies who were addicted to drugs, etc.....I felt it was so unfair) I imagine stories like this must bring up such horrible and sad feelings for my co-worker. My heart goes out to her.


LollyM - February 22

Rabbits, I feel for your co-worker too. I know how the MC thing is... I had an early MC and it was really hard but It would have been much harder if the pregnancy had progressed further. When it happened though, both Dh and I were crushed. Dh had dated a girl before who lied and said she had a MC (she didn't try to say it was his though!). How could someone lie about that?! After I felt the pain of that kind of loss, I just hated her for being such an idiot. Sorry for the rant! I saw that story on the news and it really is amazing! It does make me feel bad when people have late abortions... I am surprised that you can have them later than 20 weeks, but you can =/


Kara H. - February 22

A girl that had been a client of mine went to due her NP program at the NICU at Duke. She was home visiting 2 years ago and was super excited because they had a 23wk'r that was thriving. She said that in the next ten years she thought she would see a 20wk'r survive with the new treatments and technology on horizon. She said some researchers are looking into the possiblity of "hydro-breathing". They are doing animal testing now, but they are submersing them in a super oxygen rich fluid that the can "breath" and will not damage their immature lung air sacs. Her mother lost a set of twins at 28wks 20 years ago. In fact they didnt' even make an attempt to save them bacause back then that was just too early to be considered viable. It is sad to think of all the babies that could have lived with the medical advances we have now.


olhdw101 - February 22

IMO.....IMO......Let me re-iterate this.. IMO.....Just so no one gets bent out of shape....After seeing this, it looks to me like elective late term abortions should be re-evaluated. This is remarkable!.


ConnorsMommy - February 22

OMG! that's amazing!! I probably wouldn't leave the hospital till the baby was 5 years old if she were mine! I'd be so panicked. lol... I have a friend that had a little boy born at 22 weeks that died. That was exactly a year ago today.. olhdw101- i completely agree with you!


USMC_wife - February 22

My best friend's mother works in the NICU in Dallas, TX. She sent us this story yesterday in email. She also noted that, for whatever reason, African American girls seem to thrive better when born prematurely. She has worked there for over 20 years and has always said that. I never knew that! I think it is so neat that she made it, and with only 4 mos in the hospital!!


Emily - February 22

I totally agree on the abortion thing and IMO, also not trying to make anyone mad, but I hate abortion all together. That is just me......


jenrodel - February 22

The picture made me cry when i saw it... what a tiny tiny little thing...it is amazing. My friend actually just had her water break on Thursday at just 33 weeks pregnant, which is so scary. Makes you feel better to know that this little one survived at so much younger and is now going home!


MelG - February 22

It is amazing that they are able to save so many more babies than in the past, yet i wouldn't want to be her parents. Did anyone see the doc_mentary on HBO about the couple that had a premature baby (I think that baby was born at 24 or 26 weeks)? That boy had all kinds of problems and the parents spent almost all of their time in and out of the ER and with specialists. What made it worse was that the parents were older and they ended the show with basically saying they had no idea what would become of this boy when they weren't around to take care of him. It was pretty sad. They can save alot of babies, but the cost to the parents is still very high. It shouldn't be made out to be some fairytale ending. I believe this child will also have many problems.



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