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Sarahsmommy - April 20

Ok, I'm feeling really bad this morning. I took Sarah for her 4 month checkup yesterday(it was actually like 4 1/2 month because she's been sick and she is in the 3% for her weight. I feed her well and everything and have even been giving her solids to try to help her gain weight. I know she was sick but she still shouldn't be this small. It's driving me crazy. The doctor didn't seem to concerned she just having me bring her back in in 4 weeks for a weight check but still. She was in the 25% at 2 months and on Friday was in the 10%. Just wanted to share.


HannahBaby - April 20

consider yourself lucky, my daughter was in the 10th when she was born and in the 90th 2 months later, i got my a__s chewed out by doc, im like shes drinking formula. not eating mc donalds....what do you want me to do??


Happy Mom - April 20

Babies usually don't gain well when sick. Don't worry too much I'm sure she is just fine.


Shanna - April 20

How much does she weigh and how tall is she? My daughter just went for her 4 month check up (she was born 5 weeks early) and she was 10 pounds 12 ounces. she was 5 6 at birth. So, shes on the low end of that chart yet she is very long and her head is growing as it should. Her doctor had blood drawn to check for any problems that would cause her to be so thin and everything came back fine. I was a long thin baby myself so maybe she is going to take after me.


hrsmith - April 20

I just posted a question like this the other day, because i was feeling a little stressed too. However, my son is bigger than normal. I am 5'2' and weigh about 120. I delievered my son 1 month early and he was almost 7lbs. he is now 6 months and weighs almost 18 lbs. I received some very kind words from some ladies out there that helped me to relax. The truth is... they are all so different. I don't think i am over feeding my son. I give him 5 oz every 4 hours and fruit and rice in the am and veggies and rice in the pm. We will see what my dr. says when i go for his 6 month check up. BTW, you know what really wears on my nerves is some of the nurses. I can't tell you how many times the nurses have said, "oh he is so cute and soooo big, this must be your first." Do they take some sort of cla__s to help them slip in those rude comments whenever they feel like it. Oh well. To each their own. It just amazes me because i would never say something like that to anyone.


Sarahsmommy - April 20

She is 11.6 and 23 inches long. I don't remember the measurement of her head just that it was in the 25th%. How long is your little one Shanna. It does make me feel a little better that someone else has a little one, only Sarah was 7lbs even at birth.


Sheri - April 21

Don't worry, Sarahsmommy, I have a little peanut, also. She weighed in at 12.3 pounds, 24 in. long at her 6 month check up last week. She's also in the 3rd percentile. The doc is not concerned because she can see that Kaylee is doing everything a 6 month old should be doing--she's developing normally. She's just pet_te! Her weight and length were the same as Sarah's at 4 months. I wouldn't worry if your doc isn't.


Sheri - April 21

Oh, and when we were at the doctor's...there was a 6 WEEK old baby there who was bigger than my 6 MONTH old!


Rabbits07 - April 21

I wouldn't be overly concerned. Some babies/children are just smaller than others. 3 of my children were always in the lower percentiles for height and weight...both of my girls and one of my boys. My side of the family is short and little so I a__sumed it was just hereditary. My youngest girl and oldest son are still very small, but my oldest daughter seems to be more up to par with her peers on height, but is still slim. If your ped doesn't seem worried about it I wouldn't stress.


Shanna - April 21

Shes close to 25 inches long now, finding clothes to fit her is so hard. I need to get larger sizes just for the length but the only pants that will stay up around her waist is newborn! And she does not fill anything out since she is thin. the first thing people say when the see her is how tiny she is, guess because shes thin. but I think everyone is so used to seeing round chubby babies that they think something must be wrong when they see a tiny one.


kris Al. - April 21

mines little too, 12.6 pounds at her 4 month and long... my mil keeps saying - "does she sit up yet?" nope. "hold her head up?" kinda. "roll over?" nope. so my hubby was getting nervous about Wren's "lack of progress" and I just smiled and said they are all on their own timeline, and she will get there -- and then we'll wish they took even longer. As the sometimes crazed mom of a 15 year old I LOVE that she is still our itty bitty baby... more time to snuggle the littlest natural anti-depressants God put on this planet!!


Rabbits07 - April 21

What prodigy baby did your mil know that was sitting up at 4 months? ;-)



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