Tip On Stopping That Crying During Meal Times

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DDT - September 27

Hey! This is a tip to those who have a wailing high chair monster. I have a 7 month old ds and lately he has become a hassle in the high chair. As soon as I put him into it he starts crying. And will carry on crying between mouthfuls. Now I have come up with something that seems to work (it may be temporary though). I roll up his sleeves and put a few spoonfuls of food onto his high chair tray. He loves it. He concentrates so hard on trying to pick these sticky blobs up and smearing them every where that he forgets about crying. SO much easier. I don't know if it will work for all lo's but its worth a try.


priya79 - September 27

Wow DDT: I have the same exact problem. She dosent close her mouth till I hold her. With mouthful of food she screams and all the food comes down. She dosent swallows and pushes most of the food out. I get so frustrated and angry. I guess it must be becoz of seperation anxiety. I try different things everyday. Yesterday I gave her a plastic container from my kitchen and she was so fascinated with the sound and trying to open it. The othr day I gave her a bunch of plastic keys. By this diversion I push 4-5 mouthfuls insides before she realizes and starts screaming again. Sigh...You can try these also with Caden and I will try your technique to Sudhi. We have lot of trouble ahead :))))


DB - September 27

hahaha, I do the same thing...it's like finger painting!!! But, I've found if she's too tired to eat then that is when she cries more, or of course if it's something she doesn't want...I hate the crying...it makes mealtimes so stressful.


KimS - September 27

Me too.. Logan was doing this for about 2 weeks.. then he all of a sudden stopped.. not sure why, but hopefully it's a phase for your los too.. I also used to "reset" him so to speak with water, I'd put water on a spoon and it seemed to work... that and if I snort like a pig he can't stop laughing and then I put the food in hahahahaha!! Good luck.. Kim


DDT - September 27

KimS: That's funny about "reseting" because I do something similiar with Caden's sippy cup. When he starts getting frustrated I start banging the sippy cup on the table to get his attention. He jolts right out of it and reaches for the cup. He smacks his lips after drinking and then opens his mouth wide for more food. These silly babies of ours!



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