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Lindsey - March 11

My ds is nearly 9 months old and everytime he stands (supported by me) he is on his tip toes, at his 8 month check the doctor said that if this continues he may need a small op at the back of his heels (something about ligaments) he can put his feet down, if you do it for him. I'm not overley concerned (a bit about the op maybe) but has any other mums gone through this.


Lindsey - March 11



punkin01 - March 11

hey my DD is 16 mos old and she will walk on her tip toes alot but she will also walk falt footed alot too.....i joke that she was getting ready for a life in heels....but now you have me worried that something may be wrong......she did start walking at 9 mos......but she can run now all over the place and climbs everypiece of furniture so not sure weather to worry or not............


Lindsey - March 11

Punkin, don't worry then, as my doctor said it would affect his walking, if she is running around a lot then there is probably no problem, plus your daughter would of been checked at her 1 yr check up. Sorry to nerve you, but i honestly don't think you have anything to worry about. My ds isn't crawling or anything yet, he bum shuffles across the room, so i think I have a lazy baby .


jb - March 11

It is very normal for babies to walk on their tip toes. You only need to worry if it goes on when they get older (2 or 3). I know my brother walked on his tip toes until he was just over 2 and he is absolutely fine.


kristie h - March 11

My son has major foot and leg and hip problems and started to walk at 12 months. My doctor referd him to a foot specialist and said "nearly all mums have to realise that kids at this age their bones are still gorwing majorley and are not properly grown yet". He told me that if DS still has foot and leg problems at the age of 2 and a 1/2 then go back to him. Just remeber she has just started walking, she is still trying to get her balance so try not to worry at this age its when they are around 2 or so and it has not corrected itself and you have given her time for her bones to grow some more and for her to get the nack of walking is when you should strat to worry a little. GL


Lindsey - March 12

Thanks girls for you rea__surance



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