Tips On How To Keep Newborn Up For Feeding

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dedaa - February 6

I just finally got my first baby girl She was born on Friday the 2nd. I just came home yesterday and since I have been home I have had a hard time keeping her awake to eat. The nurses told me to strip her down to her diaper but I was hoping maybe someone else had some ideas. She does not seem to want to stay awake. Thanks ladies I do have an appointment for her for tommorrow but just wanted to see if there was anything else i could do to keep her awake. Thanks ladies!!!!


tinkri - February 6

How often is she eating and for how long per feeding? My son was born 1/11/07 and I was concerned about the same thing. He would fall asleep after 10 minutes of nursing. I have since found out that this is his "normal." He eats for 10 minutes, one side only, every 1.5-2.5 hours during the day and every 2.5-4 hours at night.


ToniaK - February 6

Hi dedaa - I had the same problem with my dd. We did end up having to strip her down and when that didn't work they told me to use a baby wipe and touch her face with it. Since it was cold, she'd wake right up. I'd have to do it a couple of times during the feedings to keep her awake. I always felt bad about doing it but it did work and the most important thing was that it kept her awake to eat. Other than that, I'm not sure what else you could do.


vicky9989 - February 6

i used to change my little ones nappy before a feed and that seemed to wake her upxx


Mingill - February 6

I used to change my DS's diaper before a feeding, but when he drifted off during the feeding I would gently b__w on his face. I also used to jiggle the b___st a little to remind him it was there ( or jiggle the bottle). Another one I used was to cara__s his cheek or tap his chin. I used to strip him as a last resort, I didn't like the idea of him being cold.


sophandbob - February 6

Tris wouldn't feed when he was first born, but it was jaundice related. I ended up having to strip him to feed him, as well as stroke his cheek to stimulate sucking. Another tip I was given was to lift his leg up and down like i was pumping him up!!


CaliTrish - February 6

I pretty much did the same as Mingill. Tickling his feet and rubbing his back would also work to wake him up. I hear the hind milk has something in it that puts them to sleep, like turkey. So, at some point, they're just gonna fall asleep. However, in the early days, my ds would nurse for 20-40 minutes per b___b.


Wellis10 - February 6

My lo is almost 3 months now and he still falls asleep during some feedings. When he was first born it was really bad. He would fall alseep after 5 mins. My b___st were hurting so bad....and my b___st wouldn't pump. It was like the locked up after 2mins of pumping. So I would do anything I could to wake him. I would even get ice cubes and rub his feet with them. He really didn't like it....but it helped. Good luck.


bekysu - February 6

Tickle her feet. That sometimes helps: )


Lalla - February 7

My dd did the same thing - she was jaundice though so it was really important that she ate to lower the billiruben. What I did first was tickle her feet, ma__sage her by her ear where her jawbones meet - that makes her open her mouth and kind of suck alittle bit. As a last resort I would strip her down and if necessary wipe her with a wet cloth. I hated doing it, but it was the only thing that would wake her up enough to eat.


SuzieQ - February 7

I had to do the wet cloth too, and hated it, but my dd needed to eat. I would also get my dh to help out by rubbing her legs.


Rabbits07 - February 7

I did like some of the others and used a wet cloth. Mason hated it especially on his feet, but it woke him up really good.


Guest - February 7

tickle feet,rub back, twirl your finger around her head, burp her, switch b___sts.strip her down to her diaper.


dedaa - February 8

Thanks ladies! She is doing a bit better now. She is still jaundice though the same as when i left the hospital but she isnt even a week old yet. She has gained back her weight she lossed. So far so good. So thanks again ladies.



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