Tired Of Baby Advice

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Tired!!! - October 26

Just writing to vent! I am so tired of receiving baby advice from everyone! My dh thinks he knows everything about babies, as well as mil, fil, random strangers, and pretty much everyone. I'm like, "Hello..I carried her 9 months...I ought to know a little something." It almost makes me feel incompetent as a mother. My baby is healthy, happy, and smart...I've got to be doing something right! One time one of my family members was holding the baby and the baby started crying. The family member said, "Is she colicky, is she teething...you need to get her a teething ring." I was thinking in my head, "She's neither...she just wants to be put down." How do you guys tactfully tell people what is truly wrong with your baby without offending them ? Also, I'm having some problems with mil advice and pediatric advice. I try to tell my mil that I follow the advice of my pediatrician but she insists that her way is the best way...If I need advice on anything, it's on how to deal with advice!!!!


Jadyns Mommy - October 26

I feel your pain... I am constantly getting advise from the in-laws and friends of the family and have had several arguements with my mil but in the end, I have found that someone will always have something to say and there is no way to stop it. All I do now is listen to what they have to say and thank them for it and tell them that I will take it into consideration, even if I think its the dumbest advise I have ever heard because no matter what you do, there will always be someone that thinks they know what is going on. Just remind yourself when you walk away that you know your baby best and that is all that matters in the end.


Karen - October 26

Girl I am going through the seem thing. I have too extremes to deal with . My mother who wants him on nothing but b___st milk for 6 months and my mil who wants me to start giving him cereal, milk and solid food. As well as some other home remedies she used on her children. He is 2 months now. I just acknowledge them and do what his doc has advised. Really they dont know the difference. Its like "Did you try this" I am like oh yea thanks. I am battling with my mother now as I plan to go back to work in Jan and staring him on formula end of next month she wants me to wait until Dec. I told her he starts next month period. They have raised their children and did a good job they need to leave us and let us do ours. God has entrust us with them and has given us what we need to raise them.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 26

Luckily my family does not do that to me. They know I am a good mom and will do what I think is best for my baby. Other people are a different story. I just politely thank most of them for the idea and walk away. Some other people I have told them not so politely that I will do what I think is best and it is none of their business. I am pretty outspoken most of the time. People are obnoxious and there is no way to get around it except to ignore it.


Toya - October 26

So true... I am a very young parent. (21) and of course I get advice from a lot of people...At the end of the day, I do what I feel is best. It gets on my nerves though...cause your baby can be thriving and doing just fine, and it seems like people try to find stuff wrong with your parenting.


JB - October 26

I can so relate to you ladies. My MIL has tried to give my 2 1/2 month old warm tea because she thinks he had a stomach ache. Unfortunatly she watches my son since I've been back to work. I'll call to check on him and she'll say I think he's got a tummy ache. I'll go to pick him up after work and take him home and he's fine.


Jbear - October 27

I don't know why, but when I had my first daughter people came up to me all the time to offer advice (criticism) or wanting to pray over her. No one does that with my new baby. I don't know if I just look like I have my act together (ha ha) or if it's an age thing. As far as a mom's advice versus the pediatrician, it really depends on the particular mom and doctor. I think my mom knows more than my pediatrician a lot of the time. It's almost scary, the older you get the smarter your mom seems. My mom also understands that they change the medical advice about caring for newborns fairly often...when I brought Sophia home, she asked what the current fad was, belly or back for sleeping.


Jamie - October 27

My husband and I recently planned a weekend trip with another couple; the 4 of us were discussing the best way to travel for this particular trip; I said I'd prefer a train, so that we didn't have to stop every 3 hours so I could b___stfeed. Another co-worker of my husband's overheard the conversation, and asked me why I didn't just take the baby out of the carseat...and then in the very next breath offered to babysit if we decided not to take the baby with us. I just couldn't even react...someone actually thinks taking a baby out of a carseat in a moving vehicle is a GOOD idea???? And that same someone expects me to trust her with my baby????? Yeah, that's never gonna happen.



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