To All Those In Europe

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piratesmermaid - January 19

I hope ya'll made it through that freaky storm that went through! I heard that the wind reached 112mph, that's almost catergory 3 hurricane strength! Just checking up on you, hope ya'll are safe!


shelly - January 19

thats a really sweet thought piratesmermaid, im in the uk and we got a battering here i saw a few trees down this morning, i was to scared to go out yesterday tho and i stayed away from the windows as they were rattling lol.


vonzo - January 19

thanks piratesmaid! We didn't get it too bad up here (scotland) it was pretty windy and we did get a fair bit of snow. I loved it, me and dd just sat in the lounge with the fire on all cozy watching the snow outside! :o)


Lindsey - January 20

Thanks for your concern, we got a battering down here in the South coast of England, i guess it is worse when you live by the sea. Apprently it is going to continue into next week,


Hana - January 20

Thanks for your thoughts! I was driving when it suddenly hit...i had to hold on tight to the steering wheel so not to loose control with ds with him in the car. Things were flying right into my windscreen, but i was too chicken to park incase a tree would fall on us, so i just got my a** home asap lol


piratesmermaid - January 20

Well, I'm glad ya'll are okay. It's crazy the way the weather has been...all over the globe. It seems like it's getting worse everywhere. And they say it's going to continue, Lindsey, that's awful!


pinkbo0tlace - January 21

You know - this may sound really silly, but since I am an American I have always been amazed by europe. I would love to visit over there someday. Plus, I love the accents LOL..


ash2 - January 21

Glad you guys are safe !! We got some ice and sleet down here...I have been to europe before in the middle of feb. and it was sooooo cold !


vonzo - January 21

Where did you go ash2? I find it funny how you guys call the UK Europe. Most "brits" don't really consider themselves as being european :o)


shelly - January 21

thanks ash,its freezing here at the moment altho i think its colder for vonzo in scotland,it was so windy last night and was rattling the windows so much that i didnt sleep until 4 this morning, pinkboOlace i feel the same way about america,i love the accent , id love to go there and go to new york and florida ect,such a huge country,oh well maybe when i win the lottery lol.


vonzo - January 21

Yep, we're all sitting hugging our sheep for warmth up here :o)


ash2 - January 21

I went down there for a photo shoot when i did modeling ( about 40 pounds ago !! lol) and we went to northern ireland, scotland, wales, ...I think i liked scotland best because we stayed the night in a castle ! so cool ! We always pulled on the side of the road to take pics of the sheep because there were painted spots on them !! Never knew why.... We went to the " roman baths " too. we also went to a school for the day in northern ireland to see what it was like differently from our school ! The boys are WAAAAY hotter there too ! hehe


sophandbob - January 21

We've luclkily escaped a lot of damage, although it has mostly been trees and fences down. A few schools in my local area had bits collapse and fall off, but no injuries.


shelly - January 21

lol vonzo. better get the thermals rather the cold than this wind, it freaks me out and there is a big tree outside our bedroom window which was really swaying last night. send the sheep my way lol.


vonzo - January 21

It's a type of branding Ash2. It's to say which Farmer they belong to, there all called Farmer Giles up here so they're known by coloured paint and not just Farmer Giles's sheep :o) :o) :o)


vonzo - January 21

we've been quite windy here too, and it's not just from the sprouts remanents from xmas either! We can hear it howling down our chimney. I'm just glad we dont have a proper fire otherwise our eyebrows would have been well and truely singed by now!!


shelly - January 21

my eldest ds was very upset that his school wasnt closed because of high winds lol,that child would do anything to get out of school.



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