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Dawn C - December 28

The mylicon drops are over the counter. They helped my lil guy and I even got a prescription for levison drops from my pedit. It was wonderful. He was not gassy but for a few weeks. Bare with it, it will pass. B--tfed babies are way less gassy and colicky than formula fed babies. I pretty much eat whateven and I only give him the drops now when he seems like his tummy is bothering him. At first when I started the drops I gave them to him at every feeding. HOPE THIS HELPS


Kris10 - December 29

Hey Dawn, thanks for your reply. My little girl (5wks old) just seems to be getting worse. Last night it was so bad, nothing was comforting her. I bundled her up and we went to the grocery store at about 11pm to look for the drops. We got them and used them last night. But by then she was sleepy from the car ride, she went right to bed. It's just bugging me that she is in pain and there is nothing I can do to help her. My husband was so upset, he thought it might be my milk and almost gave her formula! We just don't know what to do. I also called a woman from la leche league who said it might be the dairy I consume, so I have been avoiding that to no avail. We will just stick with the drops to see how they work today. Thanks again.


Christy - December 29

Kris10- I looked for your thread briefly, but could not find it. I a__sume you dd is having tummy trouble? Ben was always crabby and crying after feedings and when he was awake. I thought it was gas initially and used the mylicon drops, vwhich helped a little bit initially. I also stopped dairy for three days, but that did not seem to help. Maybe I should have done it longer, but I did figure out that cabbage, peppers, onions, beans, and broccoli really upset his belly, so I avoid those now. Still, he was very fussy, arching his back after feedings, crying after he ate and if he was placed on his back after he ate, spitting up a lot, coughing/choking during and after feedings, and drawing his arms and legs in like he was in pain. I took him to the doc and he thinks it could be reflux. He prescribed Pepcid and it seems to be helping. Ben has been sick with a minor tummy bug since Tuesday night, though, so we'll have to wait till he is back to 100% to see if it is still helping. If your dd keeps her fussiness up, maybe take her to the doctor and get a script for some reflux medicine. It can't hurt to try it..


Kris10 - December 29

Christy- thanks for the info. It sounds like Isabelle has the same symptoms as Ben.. The only difference being Isabelle does not spit up (which that would be a clear sign of reflux right? So she does not have that issue..).Anyway, I called the pediatrician today, and he told me to wait awhile to see if the gas drops will help. This is day two of avoiding dairy, how long does dairy take leaving your system? Anyone know? Again, thanks for the help Christy.. I am really hopinfg that we can get to the bottom of this so this house - and the neighborhood- can sleep again!! :)


Kris10 - December 29

LOL - meant bottom of this ISSUE not house !!! That shows how little sleep I've had!


Dawn C - December 29

Hang in there. It should get better. I know it will seem like an eternity but at 12 wks you should be out of the water. Mine was much better at 7 or 8 wks. Let me know if I can help



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