To Any Moms With Acid Reflux Babies Please Help

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jodie - December 26

I was just wondering what the symptoms are if your baby has acid reflux. My son is 5 weeks and does br___t milk and formula. The past two days he has just had formula because I thought maybe he is having issues with my br___t milk. Anyways, he barfs everytime I change his diaper and he screams if we lay him down flat to sleep. He likes to sleep propped with his boppy....and he naps on his tummy on the boppy durning the day. He sleeps the longest when he is on his belly. He has had the same formula since birth so I know its not that....any suggestions?


bump - December 27



monica - December 27

maybe, maybe not. Does he arch his back during feedings? Does he cry while being fed? Have you tried burping more frequently during feedings? It might just be gas or not being burped long enough. I would call his doctor just to make sure nothing else is wrong.


Christy - December 27

We thought my son has reflux because he spit up a lot (through mouth and nose), was very fussy, arched his back a lot after feedings or while being burped, and seemed to be in [ain after feedings. He also hated being on his back after eating. The doc prescribed him Pepsid a week ago. He is a lot less fussy than before, and is spitting up less, although he still does. I am bf, so before the meds, I eliminated peppers, onions, beans, broccoli, cabbage, etc from my diet. I accidentally had broccoli recently and it totally set the poor kid off. It can't hurt to take your son to the doc and get some medication. I really think it has helped us.


jodie - December 27

Thanks. He doesn't cry or arch during feedings...but he will do it after feeding alot of the time. He gives me lots of good burps to so I know it's not just gas. He gos in on the 5th for his next check up so I will ask the doc then. Thanks everyone.


Jan - December 29

It is upsetting that so many women think that problems are caused by their b___stmilk, and that formula is in some way better. It is not. The problems usually come from the formula. Think about when the problem first started. Was it after formula was introduced? Dairy products are a major source of stomach upset in infants. If your baby is very sensitive, keep dairy products out of your diet as well. It should take 2-3 weeks to see a full recovery.


amanda.d - December 29

Our son was doing that and we found out that it was lactose intolerance. Once we found the right formula he was perfect (similac LF). So talk to your doctor and check out all possibilities like the acid reflux, lactose intolerance, etc.


Wendy - December 29

We had the same problem and found it was because of a dairy allergy. I stopped eating dairy and everything was fine. I think I like soy milk better than I ever liked cow's milk. What a supprise!


maryann - December 29

I took my baby to the doctor today for the same baby cried during and after feeings and seemed very irritable all the time. He also started to spit up a lot more. His doc prescribed Zantac twice a day and said we should see an improvement in 2 weeks. If not, I'm gonna ask about possible lactose intolerance. He is gaining weight pretty good though.


Susan - December 29

My son spits up a lot too. My husband's brother is allergic to dairy. Maybe that's what the problem is. How can I know for sure? Is there a test that is safe for babies?


Emma - December 30

jodie, I, too, do not believe that your b___stmilk is causing or in any way contributing to the problem. In fact, if your baby does suffer from GERD, then b___stfeeding exclusively is the best thing for him. My daughter, who is now 3 months, had a mild case of GERD around 5-8 weeks. We propped her up and feedings, and she took naps in her bouncy chair. The doctor said that since she was gaining weight so well that medication would not be necessary, but to burp her often, like at least 4 or 5 times per feeding, and to not lay her flat on her back immediately following a feeding. But, you really should continue b___stfeeding--it is the best thing for your, b___stmilk allergies are Extremely Rare, and you hear about formula allergies constantly...Good luck..Oh, and you should probably call your doctor anyway..just for advice and rea__surance.


Maria - January 18

My son just turned 3 months and I've recently switched his formula to Enfamil Lactose Free. What a difference, like night and day. He his doing so much better, even sleeping through the night. He too was having the exact time problem. Ask your doctor about switching the formula. Good luck!


Kim - January 22

My daughter is 3 months old and has had acid reflux since she was 2 weeks old. We tried Zantac and prilosec, neither seemed to be working. She would cry all day and night. The doctor recommended a wedge for her to sleep in, which really helped her sleep at night. A few weeks ago, we increased her dose of Prilosec and made sure we gave it to her on an empty stomach (wait 2 hours after she eats, give her the prilosec and wait 30 minutes before feeding again). This worked wonders, she only cries when she is hungry now, shes like a whole new baby! No one ever told us Prilosec needed to be given to babies on an empty stomach, so I thought I would pa__s this advice on. Hope it helps.



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