To Any Plus Sized Women Who Have Had Their Babies

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Worried - October 11

Sorry to pose a labour question in here but I wanted comments from any plus sized (14 or larger) ladies who have already been through labour. I just wondered what the labour was like for you being "larger". How did you feel about your partners being there? How, well, I know it's silly to ask how painful it is...but I can't help but feel panicky at the thought of the labour. Do they hold your feet?? I saw a birth on tv where the nurse and hubby each had her feet and were pushing her knees up by her head. I don't bend that way, lol. Is it difficult to get into the birthing position? I'm just so nervous and would like words of wisdom from people who have been there.


Dont worry - October 11

I am a larger woman and was horrified at the thought of how it all was going to look as well. Truth is, when it comes time to pushing, the last thing on your mind is how you look or who is seeing what. And as for the position? My fiance was on one side and his mother on the other, each holding a leg and then I was trying to hold my legs up as well but I had an epidural so I could barely keep my legs up at all, they felt like lead but because of the numbness, I also wasnt uncomfortable at all. Its normal to be worried, I played calm right up until they said "were ready to start pushing" then I burst in to tears and began panicing. No matter how many times you hear it, you wont believe it until you finally see for yourself but once the baby is in your arms, you literally forget all the horrors of labor! Best of luck to you and congrats :-)


my experience... - October 11

I am not a plus-sized woman but I also burst into tears when they told me I needed a c-section and it was to take place "NOW". I was not afraid of surgery but nothing prepares you for that moment, when you know the baby is coming. You can tell yourself all day "today is the day" but when it comes time to do the deed, it is overwhelming and it becomes a very self-centered moment. It's hard to think about anyone around you but yourself and the baby. The rush of adrenalin keeps you from caring about what your partner thinks. It's like you are in an alternate state of mind. That was my experience. Sorry, I know you wanted to hear from plus sized women but I really wanted to share that with you:) Blessings!


my cousin - October 12

my cousin was heavier b4 she was induced (at 42 wks) she ended up having a c section, she and her son did fine and she even lost quite a bit of weight (partilly die to nursin)


Trust me! - October 12

You will soon stop


Trust me! - October 12

Clicked submit accidently! I meant to say, you will soon stop caring about how you look once the contractions kick in. All you will focus on is the pain, and how to get your baby out. Nobody held my feet, they out them in stirrups. I also pooped on the table as I was pushing but after 21 hours of pain and discomfort (had an epidural for the last 3 hours) I really didn't care. I wouldn't even have noticed I was doing it if I hadn't noticed the slightly amused look on my husband's face. :) Don't worry what you look like, and HAVE an epidural! That's my advice anyway.


keekee - October 12

I was smaller(size 10 in the beginning) when I had my first son and still needed a c-section. With my second I was a size 14 and put on tons of water weight. I also had a c-section. I know many "larger" women who had natural child birth and went through it labor and pushing like a pro. You will be just fine. Take care


Jbear - October 12

I had my first daughter at a teaching hospital, by c-section. My husband counted 30 people in the operating room. At 300 lbs I'm sure I looked like a beached whale to them, but by that point I was truly beyond caring. You're brave if you can still watch births on tv...when I was pregnant I just couldn't.


Narcissus - October 13

LOL JBear!! I also had the same experience at a teaching hospital. The number of people in my labor room kept increasing until there were a dozen or more standing around me. I thought, "SO MUCH FOR THE PRIVACY I WAS PROMISED!"


Tahlia's Mama - October 14

Hopefully this will make you feel more confident... I'm a generous size 16 mama. My labour was 5 hours, no drugs, no-one holding my legs up and no pooping on the bed. I guess it all came down to those "child-bearing" hips I have always hated so much. My only advice is to listen to your own body. Good Luck!!



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