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Liz - June 20

Not really a question, just a comment: I've noticed many of the usual names in this forum asking and answering questions. Would've it be nice if we could all just meet and have mommy talks instead of "forums" every now and then and meet our babies who first got us here...:)


E - June 20

I think it would be great:) I also notice that there are no rampant hormones on this forum. Isn't it lovely how well we all get along?? I imagine that many of us were pregos on the General Pregnancy forum at one point, with psycho hormones. I know I was.


Ashley - June 20

Hahahaha E, I was also one of those preggos of the General Pregnancy forum. There was so much drama there at one point... but it kept me entertained I gotta say!


Toya - June 20

lol..yes, I love this forum...We are some pretty happy postpartum moms. :) I had my 6 week check-up today and I am so happy! I can resume all normal activity...woohoo...picked up the birth control and everything...


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - June 20

Hey! I think it would be great! Where are all of you from? We live in Arkansas. My little Amaya was 6 weeks old today, so it looks like everyones babies might be like 20 before any of us actually get to have "mommy talks" Good luck with each of your growing families!


nicole - June 21

as good as it sounds it would be nice if it were as realistic. i would imagine it would be a bit difficult to organize something for all our chaotic schedules at this point. but id be all up for it i personally have found out real quick how hard it is to maintain old friendships with old friends who dont understand mommyhood and its chaotic schedules. i personally like the whole idea bc i need friends outside of my bf's and some who understand the whole new baby/new life thing.


Lisa - June 22

I first found this forum just as i was going into my second trimester and have been coming here since then. My daughter is now 4 months old. At that time it seemed so far away that I would be having my baby, the time has gone so fast!! She is my 5th baby. I enjoy reading the forum and am still learning new tips and strategies and also giving out tips of my own from personal experience. :o)


Kerry - June 22

I would love that!! I live in Canada so I'm sure Lots of people are far away but it would be nice.



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