To Change Or Not To Change The Diaper

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Ronni - May 31

I was wondering how often you mommy's change your lo's diaper at night. My ds is almost 8 weeks. My problem is when i feed him in the middle of the night he is practically sleeping. He will eat and then go right back down to sleep. But if I change his diaper then, forget it- he's up and he is wide awake. It then takes a while to get him back to sleep. Is it necessary to always change him? Obviously if I smell something I will change him. I usually take a peek in there to make sure there is nothing dirty.


Sam - May 31

I never change a diaper at niight unless there's poop. Been doing that since the beginning and DD has no complaints. She is 4 months.


HannahBaby - May 31

When my daughter was 8 weeks she was sleeping throught the night but when she was waking up for a bottle i always changed her diaper. My doctor said that it will rouse the baby enought to get her to drink a good amount of bottle before falling back to sleep. And not just that, but i always felt bad that i was putting her to bed in a wet diaper that im sure isnt comfortable. She always fell back to sleep after her change and bottle. Even if she wakes up now (shes 16 months) i always change her


Ronni - May 31

Hanna- do you change her before the bottle,in the middle or the end?


Bonnie - May 31

I'm with Sam, :). I never changed a night diaper unless he was mad or there was poop. I used a night-time diaper and Dest_tin just in case.


Marlene - May 31

My son is 3-months and still wakes up during the night he is also basically sleep through his feeding. I change the diaper before I feed him it wakes him up alittle but after having his bottle he falls right back to sleep. If you dont change him dont feel bad you wont be changing him when he sleeps through the night. Just use some sort of diaper rash cream if you arent going to change him like Bonnie said.


Cat - June 1

I change the diaper first and then feed, but I go to bed late and mostly wake him to be sure he doesn't wake me as soon as my head hits the pillow, lol. (He has reflux and is a rather poor sleeper.) If your son is waking up soaked, I'd do that. If not, let him be.


hello - June 1

my baby slept thru from 5 weeks however when she would wake in the middle of the nite i was told to change before feeding as they often get cosy and go back to sleep and u cant do it then, now she is older its milk before change as she is not civil enough til she has milk in her tummy


alarsen - June 1

I would definatly let him sleep. Now when he starts sleeping through the night are you going to set your alarm so you can get up in the middle of the night just to change his diaper? Probably Not! I don't know of any mothers that would do that so what's the difference between now and then.


Rabbits07 - June 1

If your lo is prone to rash then I would go ahead and change him. If not, then it won't hurt to use a diaper cream and let him go through the night, unless it's a poo diaper...then I'd go ahead and change it.


Heather F - June 1

I change my babys diaper the last time for the night at 11 p.m. and then in the morning around 6 unless she wakes and is crying during the night, otherwise we cosleep and neither her nor I completley wake for her to eat so I dont bother and she doesnt seem to mind, she also doesnt get diaper rash.


Shana B - June 1

My son is 9 weeks and I will feed him a couple of ounces then change him halfway thru his feeding. This way, if he wants to fall back asleep he can and I don't have to worry about him soaking through the diaper in his sleep.


joeysmom - June 1

I would only change my son if there was poop. And usually if he had poop he was up anyways. But now, my son is five months and I just change him right before bed and then in the morning because he does go poop very often at night anymore.



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