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Not BBK - October 10

Please grace us by informing our negligent selves of how the safety of childhood vaccinations are a big hoax. I know you have a degree in immunology, and know so very much about the subject. No opinions please, only CMJ's intellect should be used to explain to us the complex process involving antibodies, antigens, b lymphocytes, phagocytes.... In your own words too :) ~ YOUR best friend and not BBK


obviously you know who - October 10

I don't know exactly what you are trying to entertain in how the bodies organs and white and red blood cells and how the function of your little hotspots of negative and positive garbage has anything to do with vaccination . Face it garbage is garbage call it anti- whatever its still garbage and don't forgot you could also mention that your garbage can collect in earlobes too in the form of pods or whereever else a remote "site" can be found on the human body Anyway if you were not happy with my comment that people should not always grasp at things thinking that what glitters is always gold then let it go because if I would have known that the topic would have raised so many CMJ antibodies and antigens I would have never wrote the stupid thing . So if you are possibly a physician or lab tech, which one are you ?>>>my white blood cells or red so I will know how my 'sites' will deal with you . Now Go away because we are both stupid the difference is that I am and you were taught but I am cautious and you are not and nothing more than an annoying itchy pod in my ear .


lol - October 10

I got a laugh out of that all that mumbo jumbo! Why can't anyone agree to disagree anymore? If you feel something is good for you-- DO IT. If you don't then--DON'T DO IT. I for one appreciate differing opinions because it creates new neurological paths or see things differently, I still may not agree, but I think I am made better for gaining what ever new info. Researching some other opinion and deciding it's junk or maybe it has some relevance is a good thing.


LMAO - October 10

I thought so, CMJ....Your antigenic, incoherent rambling never ceases to exist and is always present in absence of any true knowledge that you might have. You point your finger in many directions but should understand that frequent, outward displays of sarcasm/dislike is usually an indication of self conflict.


CMJ (an antibody fro antigens) - October 10

obviously you are not in the medical field at all ... there is nothing wrong with a little kmowledgable mumbo jumbo at least it made you laugh but that doesn't take away from the fact that we are both stupid ... depending on which side of the fence we are standing on ... now with your permission can we let this go ?


Shelly - October 10

Geez,there we go again...


LMAO - October 10

I don't tell people what to do or how to live... I obviously dug my nails deep or you could calm down and take it like a man. If I did answer the question, could you understand the concepts? Is it worth my time explaining what you should know if you are going to have such beliefs? I am no expert and did not claim to be one and I don't run rampant telling everyone what to do without the appropriate degree and resources to back myself up. I for one, don't need to prove anything to you. You on the other hand, have much to prove after spouting your spew. We are all ears!


Pathetic Forum all of it - October 10

ya shelly nothing better than stupid cowardly people who can't even identify themselves and are just looking for havoc think about it your here we go again c___p probably belongs in the first entry spot . Have fun at this because I'm out of here . Like I've said before ignore my post if you didn't like it and Go poke yourselves full of holes . goodbye and from you to me goodriddens .


LMAO - October 10

You can't say I didn't give you the opportunity to convert us! You had your chance and a window of opportunity to shine. See Ya!!!!


Shelly - October 10

Exactly my point,nobody on these type of threads come out with their user names.If somebody don't agree with me on something thats fine;it's MY opinion unless it is a fact.Anyways i will not waste my time on this anymore,i got in this thread "by accident" and it just reminded me about the GP forum,but that went away too by ignoring it.Now i will quit and spend time with Jesse he is waking up.Have fun "ya'll"{i livein OK LOL}


whatever - October 10

cmj dragged people thru the mud incognito and even admitted it but he cant take it when it is his turn. wheres the fairness in that?


Lissi - October 10

Did I miss something?



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