To Dalinkwent

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Sarahsmommy - June 10

Ok, I usually do not post anything negative on here because I just do not think it's right, but now that you have totally screwed up my post that was supposed to cheer people up after reading the one you started where you were "having a bad day" I cannot bite my tongue anymore. You said that you were gonna leave in your post so why are you still here? I have no problem with anybody on here but when all you are gonna do is complain about how bad your life it, how bad everyone talks about you, and then when people are trying to say how much they love their baby you are gonna go add some "comic relief." I don't think that needed any "comic relief." And if you are wondering I am a Christian. I thank God all the time for giving me such a wonderful baby, and for helping her through all the issues she has had so far. I do not worship her!!! In fact we are in chruch every Sunday worshipping the one true God so she can learn early. Please either change you att_tude or leave.


Selena - June 10

I agree Sarahsmommy! Dalinkwent just go away! You have yet to share anything of value to anyone on reading this forum and seem only to be interested in stirring up discord amongst those of us with genuine interests in our children. If indeed you are a mother then I hope that you will follow through with your origional posts words and go see a counselor. Everyone has stressful times but lashing out on a public forum shows a real lack of cla__s and maturity. Perhaps you have gotten to comfortable with the annonimity that the internet provides.


JJ5235 - June 10

Please STOP making new posts about dalinkwent. You are just keeping this thing going. There is no need to start a brand new post for this c___p. If you dont like it, then dont read it for crying out loud.


KellyBoom - June 10

I second that


psychology - June 10

Oh my god, everyone is SO immature...stop already!!


Amy_mommy - June 11



JJ5235 - June 11

Amy-mommy you are just adding on to it. You managed to bump it up to the top when it was going down the page. Yeah



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