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aurorabunny - February 14

How is your son doing with the reflux?? Did you find a new ped?? Hope things are going better, keep us updated!


eclipse - February 14

He is doing a little better, but still scares me randomly by spitting up hours later. I am looking for a new ped, but making do currently with another partner in the group I'm with now. This is the same woman that told me to let an infant cry it out when he was 2 days old if he is fed and dry (!). We are only thickening 2 of his bottles tops right now, because it is killing his tummy. I bought wedges for the beds (he is cosleeping because I'm paranoid about him choking) and they seem to be working ok, but I need to follow Bonnie's advice and put something to block him at the bottom. I am going to get some oatmeal tomorrow to help it. Thanks for everything, and I really appreciate you caring!!!


aurorabunny - February 15

Aww, I totally care. I understand how bad the worry can be...after my ds had his little not breathing event I was a wreck for months and am just now starting to sleep more and he's 7 months old!! The worry can suck so bad. Have they not offered you any meds then I take it?? I'm not sure if this is just our ped, but we went the route of meds BEFORE we tried thickening bottles. (And never had to thicken bottles) Especially if that is hurting his tummy, I would march in and tell them I want to stop thickening his bottles and try some meds. I hope you can get a new ped soon, no offense but kinda sounds like those people are morons!! Check in and let me know how it's coming!! Hope the little guy AND YOU can both get some sleep!!


eclipse - February 15

Yep, morons. She said that she wanted to do this first and then try meds because of the whole gaining weight bs. She didn't want to start off as "aggressive". Sigh. I have GERD myself so I sort of want him to have meds because of possible damage, etc. This area is difficult for peds-they are all so booked up it is near impossible to get in in under 3 months. I like the other doctor in the practice though, but I've only seen her once. Time to start requesting her, I guess. My little one is a ga__sy mess right now, and keeps having these epic b__wouts randomly-thank goodness for pampers swaddlers.



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