To HELLO Not To Helen Typo

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Amy - January 17

Can you please turn off your caps lock? Please don't take this the wrong way .....but I cringes each time I read a post and yours came up with all big letters. I personally don't think you're a bad person but sometimes even if your post may seem harmless or a wise honest opinion, it might not sound that way when others read it. It might help if they are typed in smaller letters.


hello - January 18

i shall do that then because it seems to be annyoing many people.


typing - January 18

in caps is considered yelling...maybe that is why so many are offended


jg - January 18

Just curious, why the change of heart HELLO, you sweet thing you!!


terri - January 18

Perhaps its not really HELLO?


hello - January 18

i know jg has become a fan, because i am tired of all the complaining.


Lisastar9 - January 18

To Hello...Thanks for being considerate in posting in smaller letters now,But here is a thought you can keep your trade mark ma,e in Captal letter if you like I don't have a problem with it. It is the Title of Question...and Question I have a problem with.


:>) - January 18

aww HELLO, you have been a__similated. Isaw it coming all week but I didn't think it would happen. I guess I'll just start thing of you as "13 of 20" or something. So nice to see you being welcomed to the collective.


my opinion - January 18

I poor tasted you, Amy. Why? Because everyone complains about how rude HELLO is, and how inconsiderate. Then you have the nerve to start a thread calling her out! Not once, but twice. (The first one you weren't smart enough to get the name right). HELLO's words dont have any less meaning if they are written in capital letters, or lower case. You probably gave yourself a pat on the back for being so witty, starting yet another thread dedicated to HELLO. I personally think it is childish and ignorant. I beg of you to not turn this IC forum into the mess it is over in GP. We are all adults/ parents here, and it should go without saying that we should all be making an effort to get along.


I agree with "my opinion" - January 18

The reason everyone is over here from GP is because they dont have to register in IC. If this childish behavior doesn't stop, and ladies cant start to act like adults, I'm outta here. I really hope that the IC requires a name to be registered before they can respond to posts. Filter some of those nitpickers out of here!


wow - January 18

i agree with my opinion, but could care less about registration or everyone getting along. How boring! I wouldn't be surprised if my post long with yours is deleted. All of mine that were not in agreement with the people who posted before us were deleted from both threads. Hello was around long before registration was required anywhere on this site, I think the problem is some chicks are just too sensitive and believe we should all be just like them--again how boring! Nitpickers are registered as well but they nit pick with the majority so it's overlooked.


HELLO - January 18

Was thinking to keep my name in caps because it really doesn't seem the same if it isn't. Well 'my opinion' if you believe we should all get along then the trash you are serving to amy wasn't neccessary. Remember get along. To wow i answer sometimes in a way what some people may be thinking but wouldn't dare say. I try to give it some spice. For example and i love you chelsey but her story about her daughter calling her dad an idiot, i said exactly what i thought 'what kind of household is she growing up in to be talking like that at such a young age. I am about the only person who wasn't a sheep and said how cute it was. I think its silly to laugh at a child when they speak disrespectfully to a parent and i would not encourage it. Just an example and the problem here is when someone doesn't agree they are singled out.


Brandi - January 18

Is that why you have to register now in GP?? I thought maybe I was just a guest for too long and they were making me register! I didn't know it was only for GP, lol.


Meredith - January 18

HELLO, I notice the other threads that you have a distaste for "regulars." I do not know if I really qualify for that since I have not been here that long, but why do you feel this way? I find you facsinating, to tell the truth. I just want to figure you out. I don't mind your posts except when I first saw you in the room about weight loss, and I thought you very rude, and I had no idea that you were a "regular" as well. Why the chip on your shoulder?


Amy - January 19

To 'my opinion' - If I think of HELLO as a @sshole, I'll think of you even lower than that. I don't care how everyone complain about her and I could care less. I'm just trying to point out to her that her big letters are annoying. Shame of you to start a flame on me here!!


HELLO - January 19

Didn't realise there was one on my shoulder. I don't have a problem with regulars, i think the sheep factor annoys me, everyone agreeing just to keep the peace. Life doesn't work that way.


Kristina - January 19

Actually I've noticed HELLO has mellowed out the past couple days! It's a miracle! haha jk HELLO. I saw that you actually spoke of your baby and I was amazed! =P



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