To Juice Or Not To Juice That Is The Question

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Kara H. - January 23

Hey ladies - When Max was younger we had to give him juice regularly to keep from getting constapated. Those days are long gone now, but he is 6 months and they ped said it was ok to give small amounts of watered down juice if we wanted to in between bottles. I have always been anti-juice because of calories and tooth decay and such, but now I'm not sure how I feel about it. Max is a little scrawny thing and could probably actually use the extra calories, but I have such a ravenous sweet tooth myself, I hate to get him hooked on sweet things so early. My hubby was never given juice or any sweets other than fresh fruit (they were missonaries in central america so no access to a lot of that stuff) and he really has not desire for it at all as a teen or an adult. I wish I could say the same for myself. I want to put something in his newly introduced sippy cup other than more formula. Any suggestions? What about carrot juice or more of a veggie/fruit blend to cut some the sweet taste?


Rabbits07 - January 23

I think juice gets a worse rap than what it deserves. 100% unsweetened juice such as Juicy Juice is perfectly healthy in moderation. Mason doesn't get it daily, but I do give it to him a couple of times a week...though everything I've read says he can have up to 4 oz. watered 1/2 and 1/2 daily. I think the reason they stress "only a little juice" is more because juice doesn't have all the vitamins and iron, etc. that formula has and they want to ensure that juice doesn't over ride formula as their main nutrition source. I think carrot or a veggie/fruit mix would be fine, too....they probably still need to be watered down 1/2 and 1/2 as well. And of course, until they are a year old they are not suppose to have citrus juices, such as orange, grapefruit, etc. Funny 4 year old still likes to have his juices watered down. It's funny because if dh or one of my other kids pour him something to drink they don't always remember and they try to give it to him and he'll start saying, "half water, half water" He even likes his milk watered down. I guess it was something he just got accustomed to seeing me do to his juice so he thinks everything is suppose to be that


Lalla - January 24

I will personally not give juice to my dd untill she is older (she is 10 1/2 months now). I give her water and she loves it! My dh and I are like you, we have a terrible sweet tooth and I would like to avoid giving our dd any juice or sweets as long as possible. I give her fruit but that will have to be it for now. I wish I was like you dh!!


ssmith - January 24

I am pretty anti-juice too....i would rather my dd eat fruit, rather than drink juice. Unfortunately, she has regressed a wee bit in terms of drinking water from her sippy cup! She used to drink 1 oz ....and that was a huge triumph for, she doesn't even want to look at it. I have resorted to a bit of diluted juice to try to intice her back to liking the cup. Hasn't worked very well yet though.


Emily - January 24

my dd loves her juice. She is a big girl for her age but not heavy, just tall and strong. she is two and a half. She drinks more juice than what is recomended by all the experts but my doc told me to let her have it. I can't hardly get her to drink milk expent at breakfast so he siad Juice was fine as long it was 100% juice, no sugar added kinda thing. She likes her juice but when it comes to snacks she would rather have sun flower seeds, pretzles, grapes, or apples than a snikers bar. I think it s your at_tude to the whole eating healthy thing and not how much juice you give your child....Mary is healthy two and a half year old. she is active and lean and tall and strong. As long as your son is still taking in nutriants as the way of brest milk or formula, I say let him have his juice.


Emily - January 24

carrot juice or a V8 type thing would be good too as you mentioned but watch for hidden suger in those types of juices too.....


kellens mom - January 24 time to read everyone elses comments before going to work. I do know that my aunt would not allow her children sweets or juice as children. As soon as they were old enough, they went crazy for them...because they were denied that right. Now that they are on their own, they eat terribly...despite their mothers good intensions. I am glad you asked the juice question. I am in the same boat. I will check in on the responses tonight.


cae - January 24

Ethan gets water with meals, and gets juice about once a week. It he gets constipated then I will give it more often.


ElizabethL. - January 24

Hi we are not doing the juice thing either, Mary Grace eats fresh fruit with every meal and drinks water, soy milk and still b___stfeeds, so it is not a concern. Our Ped recommended no juice, b/c of the sugar, v8 is great for adults but has a ton of sodium in it and carrot juice, unless it is made by a babyfood manufacturer will have a lot of nitrates in it. I think even organic carrots have nitrates.


Rabbits07 - January 24

I just thought that I would point out that the sugars that are in 100% juices are natural and are not bad for you like added sugars such as high fructose corn syrup, etc. Here is a link to an article about this: h ttp://w (no dashes or spaces) the sugars in 100% juicy juice are naturally different than if you gave your child the fruit itself, it's the same sugar...none are added. It's the same with milk....Juicy Juice does not have that many more grams of sugar that milk, but both are natural sugars.


Rabbits07 - January 24

Just to further point was suppose to be that giving a child a cup of milk or juice that contains 16-22 grams of natural sugars is not the same as giving a child a candy bar that contains 16-22 grams of processed, added sugars. Wasn't sure if I really clarified what I was trying to say in my last


LisaB - January 24

My ds LOVES water so I don't ever give juice unless hes plugged up. I am pretty anti juice. But a major hypocrite as I give ds nilla waffers for snacks and around xmas time I let him have fudge more times then I care to admit to. My ds loves his veggies and will pick certain veggies over sweets so "i'm not too concerned I guess my fear with juice is it is alot of empty calories and bad for the teeth. So we are juiceless. Be aware of soduim in veggie blends they can be outragous. Anything in moderation is ok


Rabbits07 - January 24 more add.....the new V8 Fusion is low in sodium and has no added sugars.


Emily - January 24

Rabbits I am gald I am not alone on my stand for juice. What you pointed out, my dd gets only 100% juice with no added sugar so like you said it isn't much different from giving her fresh fruit. Also my dd loves veggies, she loves radish, carots and cauloflower…..Like I said she gets juice and she still choses helathy snacks over candy most times, although once in a while I will give her fruit snacks, and her great grandma gives her an andees candy when she sees her, which is once a month, maybe, what are great grandmas for? My mo certainly can't spoil her like that since she watches her while my dh and I are at work….anyway I just want to point out that I think it is your att_tude toward the whole eating healthy. If you never give your child juice or candy, that doesn't mean they will continue to eat like that later.,….they may go the other way and eat it all the time. My cusin has twins that are about a month behind Mary. My aunt said to me, oh she drinks a lto fo juice, well Will and Grace never drink juice or never get sweets. That is wonderful. Mary does and she is just as healthy and happy as Will and Grace and who names their poor children after a ttv show anyway?


Rabbits07 - January 24

lol about the Will and Grace thing:-D Yeah, I think when people think of juice they automatically start thinking about bad sugars and don't always realize not all sugars are bad. I had a sil that put kool-aid in her little boys bottle all the time after he was a year old and called it juice as if it were the same thing...and it definitely is NOT.


Emily - January 24

lol, rabbits, we grew up on the way will and grace will eat anythign sweet now if htey can get their hands on it, Mary most of the time will chose olives or somthign like that.....but she does like M&Ms every once in a while...


jwhite - January 24

Thank you rabbits07 I give my dd juice every day 4 oz, my ped. said she is allowed 6 oz but we only give her 4. I have always been a juice lover and see no problem with it. My dd will grow up on it also it's better than soda...



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