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momster - June 14

hey lisab - it's RB - except i changed my name etc. since i started getting a lot of spam email i think from the site - anyhow - wanted to see how kyler was doing sleep / napwise... hope all is well... nolan got thru the crazy teething week and a half and is back on schedule so i'm keeping my fingers crossed! ttys!


LisaB - June 15

Well hes still not sleeping thru the night he did three nights in a row and I was so excited now its back to waking once or twice. Last night he was up three times. I don't know what else to do. Did Nolan get his bottom two teeth? Kyler was so good when his came in I was surprised he ran a little fever and that was it. Those little teeth are so darn cute!!! Is Nolan sleeping thru the night?


LisaB - June 15

btw was wondering were you went... glad to see your still around.


momster - June 15

nolan's had his two bottom teeth for a couple months now - i know he started early! he's recently (in the past month) but 4 top teeth! so i hope this is it for a while! those top ones were a doozy! he'd be super fussy and wake a bunch at night but once they cut through, he was ok at night and less fussy during the day... thank god! he's sleeping better now since he got those teeth and he's actually sleeping in later ( and by later i mean 6:00am) which is better than the 5:00 that he was pulling... some mornings we've gotten lucky and woke at 6:30 or 7:00 but that's rare! i didn't know what else to do even when he was teething and waking so i just went in and tried to comfort him even tho he gets worked up when i let him cio... some times i had to go in, pat him, give him the soother, and pretty much keep my hand on his chest/tummy to keep him from sitting up and waking up even more in the middle of the night... i basically got sick of doing that and let him CIO a couple nights in the middle of the night and to my surprise he wentback to sleep and continues to do so... each night he cries less and less or just whimpers for a bit and goes back so i think a full week plus of just letting him work it out was helpful - i wonder if that might help kyler... i wish i could be more helpful for you since you're so tired! but, i really hope it's a phase - maybe try some of the techniques you tried before again? i had to do that with nolan and it seemed to work - i.e. CIO was always a nightmare and i could never do it so i did a combo of comforting and letting him cry - but i had to wait a while before attempting it again... anyhow, yeah, those teeth are soooo cute - me and my girlfriends call them toofs... anyhow, yep - i'm still around - just reading all the crazy stuff that's been going on here... what a gong show... hope to share pics soon - do you have piczo? ttys!


LisaB - June 15

I don't have piczo. Do you? Am thinking about trying cio again dh thinks I didn't give it a chance last time- I tried for over a week. Funny dh can sleep through the crying- doesn't bother him one bit.



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