To Maggie Or Anyone Else About Bronchiolitis

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Sarahsmommy - April 7

Sarah was diagnosis yesterday with either bronchiolitis or RVS. All they did was told me to give her cloraseptic throat spray, to use tylenol, and to suction her nose out. Did you doctor do anything else for you LO? Any antibotics or anything? I'm just really concered because it seems like I have to suction her every 30 mins, her fever is still going up even though she has been getting tylenol every 4 hours. I'm so worried. Just wondering if you ahve any more suggestion and can tell me what you doctor did for you LO. Also she's not sleeping at night. She slept maybe 3 hours total last night. So I'm going crazy.


SonyaM - April 7

My friends son has had it twice and both times he had to have breathing treatments. It doesn't sound right to just use throat spray and tylenol. I will email her and have her respond to this post. Oh, also it was my understanding that RSV is caused by bronchiolitis or vise versa.


rizo123ex4 - April 7

My 3rd baby got RSV when she was 2wks old and she was in the hospital right away when they found out she had it she was on oxgyn and all how old is you baby?


AudreyS - April 7

Hello, My 4 month old son, had both bronchitis and RSV about 1 month ago, a humidfier helps, also i put baby vicks on his feet and chest, no antibotics were given, but they did put him on a numbelizer to help him breath better.


Trac - April 7

My DD had bronchiolitis/rsv and we were told to give breathing treatments every 4 hours. The treatments helped to open up his airways because he was having trouble breathing. We did not have to give him antibiotics. If you think your daughter would benefit from the breathing treatments (a nebulizer) ask your doctor why they did not suggest that. Maybe for minor cases, they don't suggest it. From what I was told, it usually goes away by itself and all you can do is make them more comfortable while they have the symptoms. Good luck to you, I know it's hard. A "cool mist " humidifier helps, too. Also try an inclined sleep positioner so there head is just elevated a little more than the rest of their body when they sleep. Our DS slept in his bouncey seat a lot (or swing) when he was sick because laying down made him cough so much.


Trac - April 7

Oops, meant to type my DS not my DD had bronchiolitis!


Maggie - April 7

Your baby needs nebulizer treatments if its bronchiolitis, and she needs to be hospitalized. Take her to the nearest hospital TODAY. I'm not trying to scare you, but I've been through this with both my kids, and I'm an RN. Your baby will be fine in a few days with the proper treatment. I would not give the baby anything until going to the hospital. Let us know what happens.


miami_loca - April 7

my son has had stuffy nose, sneezing and has been so congested i have to suction him every couple hours. His pedi didnt seem too concerned, just told me to keep doing what im doing. (iv e been using saline drops and then aspirator). He dosnt have a fever by the way. Im worried cuz hes only 2 weeks old and seems to be suffering just to breathe. Should i call his doc again? This has been going on for like 4-5 days now. Im so worried. Someone please advise.


AudreyS - April 7

Hi Miami Loca, I would definetly call your dr. again, just because he is so young, although alot of newborns are stuffy for a while, maybe you can try getting a humidfire and keeping it on, so he breaths better. Or try letting your shower run, so the bathroom gets steam, and take your son in there for about 10 min.


Maggie - April 7

NEVER PUT YOUR BABY IN A BATHROOM THAT HAS BEEN STEAMED OUT! This could raise their body temp. to a dangerously high level, and if there is a possibility that they have bronchiolitis it will only make it worse. Get a "Cool-Mist" humidifier.


AudreyS - April 7

Maggie, My Dr told me to put the baby in the bathroom with steam, and it worked just fine..


Bonnie - April 7

It's a good idea for normal congestion, but with a fever. :)


Bonnie - April 7

eerr, NOT with a fever I meant, lol.


Ninimartini - April 7

My daughter also was diagnosed wih this 2-3 weeks ago.At first all they gave me was a perscription for robitussin and I went back the next day and told them that they were crazy!she needed meds so they gave her a antibiotic and albuterol liquid, it helps so much.Now I'am waiting for her breathing machine to arrive and i'am sure that will really help.


Sarahsmommy - April 9

Sarah is doing a little bit better. I've been away the last couple days we were at the doctors wed, thursday, and then went the the ER by rescue squad on Friday. They still haven't given her any kind of breathing treatments and tell me just to keep doing what I'm doing. Her lungs are clear though, so I'm not even really sure that it's RSV or bronchiolitis. I don't know, I'm going crazy. She went by rescue squad on Friday because she woke up from her nap gasping for breath and totally freaked me out. She was ok after a few mins but the emt's said she had wheezing, I couldn't hear it even though I'm also an EMT but I was in mom mood and wanted to be safe so we went and she was sent right home. But thanks for all the suggestions everyone. Whoever asked how old she is she's 4 months.


Bonnie - April 9

I'm do glad tohear she is doing a little better. It must be so awful going through that. :(



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