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bekysu - February 3

Okay, this is serious vanity business! Any of you caught between the "I wanna be a hot mamma and the woman on front of Good Housekeeping magazine? You know, the one wearing the neatly pressed khakis with a red cardigan, hair neatly tucked back, arranging a flower arrangement in her beautiful well kept kitchen, while her kids are kicking the soccer ball around in the back yard (you can see then through the spotless window). Well, that is me. Caught. You could say that I am in the middle. In my closet designer jeans have been replaced with "drawstring pants" halter tops with sequins have been replaced with semi tiny tees stained with spit up. Yes, I'm reaching for the PARENTS mag. b4 the COSMO (I still get IN TOUCH, that damn Britney Spears). What I can't seem to let go of is my full size SUV. It served its purpose with one child but with two.......I can see why a van would be the most reasonable. Anyone else out there have a SUV and then switched to a van and sshhh, LOVED IT? NOTE: this thread was not to offend ANYONE. the most serious that I am is about the vehicles


CyndiG - February 3

You made me giggle. I never was the woman you described. BUT I sure wish I were! I'm the drawstring, spitup girl. I don't even have a fullsize SUV. I wish I did. I have an Acura Vigor. Yep, it's WAAAAAYYYYY too small. But it makes it to the grocery store and to school to pick up my dd. The baby's seat fits for now. But I digress....I swore I would never buy a mini van. I just did not want to be that "old". You know married with kids! I've been married with kid for 8 years now, and then came kids. And boom, I'm that "old". And my car is ridiculously small. What's my point? I don't know, but I responded because you post was funny, and then I started rambling. Sorry! But, if I were to buy another vehicle, it would be fullsize SUV. I just don't think I could pull a minivan off.....


LisaB - February 3

I am still sporting a few pairs of designer jeans and would secrtely let my dh talk me into a min van but would pretned to put up a fight. My sister just got a Chrysler minivan and LOVES it her dh has a Hummer and they are alomst the same on gas (pretty bad) so that may be a draw back. I am in love still with my Honda Pilot I can see two kids in it so I'm keeping it for awhile. My dh wants a min van and will get one for his next car I'm sure. Ofcourse I'll put up a fight hehe..


LisaB - February 3

sorry for the typos a little backwards today


bekysu - February 3

I don't want one either but the sliding doors sound like a good way to keep sane! With a push of a b___ton you can have your doors open! It's magic**** You can get your kids in your car on a raining day by simply "throwing them in there!" Just Jokin'. What I meant is that you can run in the car w/ your children. And, the cargo space is unbelievable. I have looked at one b4 and it had a lot more space than my SUV. NOTE: the only reason that I added that it is a Full Sizer is so you know that I can't possible get anymore space with another SUV. Could having a mini van be the ultimate Fat Free, carb free, calorie free SNICKERS Bar?


bekysu - February 3

lisab..... i have a pilot too! i LOVE hondas


Jenn - February 3

I used to have a grand am and SWORE that it would be a cold day in HELL before I would get a mini van.......well......that day came. My dh bought me a Kia sedona for my birthday and guess what? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I couldn't imagine getting 2 kids (in car seats) in and out of anything else. It's not too big-and not too small. The rear seats come out easy for big stuff. It was such a pain getting the double stroller in and out of the grand am's trunk-now sooo simple. Dual doors opens, I could go on and on. But, I do feel like a complete "soccer mom"-however, I have been honked at by guys in it. So I just consider myself a MILF. hehehehe. :)


Rans - February 3

Loved your post! Made be laugh out loud! Anyhoo, I have to admit.....that yes I traded up to a mini van from an SUV and yes I will admit that I also LOVE IT! For us it was a little bit of a different story on how we became minivanners. My dh and I have three dogs, and we also take care of a 47 year old man with an intellectual disabiltiy (he lives with us) and both of our families are in a city 5 hrs away. Needless to say we drive there about once a month and we had a small car, a truck and my SUV. Car too small, truck impractical (everything had to go in the back) and suv was too small we found. So when our little car died (dh used it only for work) we decided that he would use the truck for work and we would downsize to 2 vehicles and therefore our minivan. I was dead set against it, but knew it was the most practical for us. A week after buying our minivan we found out we were pregnant. (After trying for 6 years!) So now I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our minivan. There is no way we could have made it with either a car or an SUV with the baby (she is now 6.5 mos) the dogs, Greg and all the baby gear. My focus is sooooo much on my dd that the "image" thing was forgotten long ago. Believe me I do understand how you feel though! Best of luck with your decision on mini vanning or not! BYW, I am 30 and my dh still bugs me about how much I did not want it and how much I do love it now!!!


Rans - February 3

Wow there was only one post when I started my reply!! Not working for 7 months must have slowed down my typing speed! Anyway I wanted to say in response to LisaB, we have a Chrysler as well but our gas milage is awesome! I couldn't as for a better vehicle economically, it is cheap to fuel up, I fuel up about once every two weeks, and we pay almost nothing for insurance (full coverage) and regular maintenance is very minimal (cheap to do oil changes, change filters, purchase tires etc). As you can see, like I said before, we are happy with our purchase!


mandee25 - February 3

Beckysu, your post is hilarious. We have a 2005 Honda Civic and only one child so far so a minivan hasn't even crossed my mind.


HannahBaby - February 3

I got a mini van when i got pregnant with my son and i am VERY OFFENDED by this thread....JUST KIDDING!! LOL I love my van. I get teased all the time by my childless girlfriends (and envied by all the ones with children) I had a trailblazer but it was just a gas guzzler so i got the van. Its just as nice (has a 3rd row of seats that the SUV didn't have) and gets better gas mileage. I love it.. The best part is it has the stow and go seating (its a dodge grand caravan) so i can fold down the back seats (since i never need em) and it fits my double stroller (which even the suv didn't fit) and tons and tons of groceries. I went from fashionable to practical when i got pregnant with my second. It doesn't bother me that i drive a (gasp) Mini Van. I don't think being a soccer mom sounds all that


bekysu - February 3

Just so all of you know, I am typing this giggling and smiling. I mean, lets face it, secretely, to mini van or not to mini van is the BIGGEST parenting decision for the mother...HAAAHEWEWEEHAA! Not really. (I feel like I have to correct my jokes b/c you never know who might take me too seriously) My hubby wants me to get the van as well. I shouldn't say that I absolutely do NOT want the van, b/c that's not true. A big part of me says, "yep, it's time to represent motherhood with a vehicle since you no longer show it through maternity clothes." All I know is that if I do decide to get one it's going to be in HOT MAMMA WHITE! HEEHEE!


ash2 - February 3

Ya know i actaully have an SUV and i still say i dont wat a minivan, however, i have been thinking about it lately with 2 kids now, lol. I love how the safety ratings are and i can always get them in and out easily. I just hate the stereotype that people say about them. The only reason that is probably stopping me from getting one now is probably because i dont want the payments ! My SUV will be paid off in about a year and i cant wait for that : )


sahmof3 - February 3

I love my mini-van, but it's old... would love one with self-sliding doors, but before I would trade IT in I would trade our Buick (4 door)... try getting three kids into a car... very painful ;-) Anyhoo... I had the house, would have had 2.5 kids but the last came out as a whole child, had the mini-van... so I just signed my son up for soccer this spring. Yes ladies... I have sealed the deal !!!! :-)


SonyaM - February 3

That's me a to tee. The only difference I actually got the minivan before the kids. How sad is that??? I think in my heart I thought maybe if I had the van, the kids would come. I had been trying for quite some time and had a miscarriage. It worked though, two months after the van I got pregnant again. I am now on my second van and still loving it. I have the Honda van (again) and it is awesome. We went all out this time and got the leather and a moonroof. Who knew you could get a minivan with a moonroof??? Makes me feel a little more "cool". HA!


Jmom - February 4

I used to be like that until I had a baby- then it was comfort all the way. My ds is almost 11 months, and I am 24 weeks pregnant again. Between the 2 kids and our 100 lb lab (dog) I decided a minivan was the way to go. Right now with the 1 kids, I drive a Volov- small one- too small! I could never fit 2 kids and a double stroller in there, let alone I barely fit the Graco stroller in the trunk now. DH drives a Pathfinder which I will use until we get the minivan ( I think we will get the Odyssey). I always swore I'd NEVER want a minivan, didn't realize how practical they were- but after jumping form the front seat to the back so I could give ds a bottle I am all for them:)


mommybabyboy21 - February 4

you could do what my friend did because she refused to get a min van and give up her suv...she has two ds 11 months apart. Of course I couldn't afford the gas on it but She loves her Suburban and swears by it. She says she can get everything in there and she thinks there is more room in it than a min van...of course there is no sliding doors, she is also tall so the fact that its rasied off the ground doesn't bother her. My first car was a mini van...I was studying child developement with the idea of starting my own daycare/pre school one day in college and to make extra money because I went to school at night I sort of had my own daycare. Then my mom got sick and I had to give up work...ended up change my major to business Long story, had to down grade to a honda civic and am now a personal a__sistant/admin for the owner of a multi million dollar company...I was going to buy a sports car this spring...I figured I am young and won't have respondisblities for awhile....I am now 22 weeks pregnant and at 13 weeks someone smashed into the back of my civic totaling it...I just got the settlement and was debating about getting an small suv or mini van or a good 4 door car...I haven't deciede yet. but your debate is funny...sorry I lurk on all the forms but couldn't resist responding to this one.



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