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mommybabyboy21 - February 4

you could do what my friend did because she refused to get a min van and give up her suv...she has two ds 11 months apart. Of course I couldn't afford the gas on it but She loves her Suburban and swears by it. She says she can get everything in there and she thinks there is more room in it than a min van...of course there is no sliding doors, she is also tall so the fact that its rasied off the ground doesn't bother her. My first car was a mini van...I was studying child developement with the idea of starting my own daycare/pre school one day in college and to make extra money because I went to school at night I sort of had my own daycare. Then my mom got sick and I had to give up work...ended up change my major to business Long story, had to down grade to a honda civic and am now a personal a__sistant/admin for the owner of a multi million dollar company...I was going to buy a sports car this spring...I figured I am young and won't have respondisblities for awhile....I am now 22 weeks pregnant and at 13 weeks someone smashed into the back of my civic totaling it...I just got the settlement and was debating about getting an small suv or mini van or a good 4 door car...I haven't deciede yet. but your debate is funny...sorry I lurk on all the forms but couldn't resist responding to this one.


mcatherine - February 4

My sister traded her Ford Explorer for a Town and Country (I think thats what its called) and she loves, loves, loves it! Personally, I call it her third child she talks about it SO much, lol!!! I, on the other hand, love my Envoy (and my designer jeans that I still can't fit back in to - haha) so I refuse to trade. Besides, the kids aren't allowed in my husband's car - so we drive mine everywhere we go as a family and I know he would absolutely refuse to buy one anyway! I do have to say that when we are in FLA with my sister - it is so much easier for everyone to climb in and out and get to the third seat - as opposed to when they visit us and we have to wait for my husband to put the third seat in and then climb over and everyone complains about how cramped it is back there, etc...


Rabbits07 - February 4

When SUV's first came out they didn't seat 7 and 8 people like they do now so I had already gone to the minivan scene. My mini gets pretty good gas mileage and has alot of the perks so I like it alot. To be honest, I've never been much on thinking my car made me hot.....ugly is ugly no matter what it's Seriously though, I think the only guys whose heads are turned by what kind of car you are driving are teenagers and I have kids that are teens so just let me say....EEEWW! My dh thinks I am a hot momma AND perfect mother so all is well in my world!


bekysu - February 4

Rabbits07...LOL! I'm not really big on anyone turning my way to check me out, my hubby is the s_xIEST man I know. Don't tell him that! LOL. I just don't want to feel frumpy. But after reading all of these submissions and trying to get two kids in the SUV during these friggin' frigid temps, I have decided comfort is key and my kiddos think I am COOL, and that's what is really cool. Also, the idea of being able to get to my kids from the front seat by just crawling back there sounds delightful! Another problem we have w/ the SUV is that w/ both car seats, my hubby has a hard time driving b/c he can't recline the seats back far enough to drive. Hey girls, I'm starting to fit back into my jeans too!


Brenda M - February 4

Nope. I swore I'd never get one and I never, ever will. We have a Jeep and a little red 300zx. My husband is thinking about selling the sports car for a more practical 4-door small car, but there's no way I'll ever drive a mini-van. Sorry ladies!


KLC - February 4

I rock the minvan girls and let me just say I make that look hot. That is if hot is like th mom in the Dr.Pepper commercial where the kids are all watching her because she has the soda in her minan!!! LOL!!! I love my minivan, and my husband has a new 07 chevy four dour truck. One of those ridiculously expensive but totally hot trucks when I feel frumpy, I put on my glam jeans and some hot lipstick and drive to the grocery store for formula in his truck!!! LOL!!! `


Tanya2 - February 4

I always used to make fun of mini van moms. I just didn't get it, until I had 2 kids in 2 years. I used to drive a sports car, SAAB and now I'm driving a mini van. With two kids, I can't go back to my two door sports car and now that i"m used to it, I like it.


soon2bemomof3 - February 5

i am getting a mini van...YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I'm so excited, lol, I never thought i'd say that about getting a minivan but hey, I have 3 kids and drive a 4 door dodge neon, ughhh, too small. It's a piece of c___p anyway so time for something new and HIP...hahaha. So heck yeah, i'm gonna be rocking the minivan soon.


DeeJay - February 5

I cant do the mini van thing. It is the one thing I just cannot do!! I am a sport car fan (on a compact car budget) so I have had Mitz. Eclipse's for 6 years now. when my dd turned 2 months my lease was up and my dh wanted me to get a 4 door "mommy' Car, so me and dd went to the dealership and picked out a bright red Eclipse with the sun and sound package, and sun roof and big spoiler and we turned up the extra big radio on the way home. DH was a little p__sed but I gotta drive it!! I told him the baby picked it out!!! Yes it is a tight fit to get her in and out, but I will suffer for my vanity and not complain. I really do love my car, but that is just me.


Brenda M - February 5

DeeJay--that's exactly how I feel...our big-tires Jeep Wrangler might not be as convenient, but I made that promise to myself years ago and I'm sticking to it. Perhaps I'd feel different if I had more than just my one 7-month old, but as it stands there is definitely no mini-van in my future. Plus, in the summer you can't put the top down on a mini-van! :) I will admit though that I also swore I'd never get a cell phone (I can't STAND them and the way that our society is evolving because of them and nearly getting into accidents three times last month because of people using them while driving) BUT...I have a feeling that sometime in the next two or three years I just might end up with one. But not yet!


Kara H. - February 5

See this is my plan: I am going to go ahead and buy the minivan, but I still going to play the lotto so when I win some day I can buy myself that 2-seater convertable I never got around to getting before I had kids. That way on warm summer nights, I can leave the kids with hubby and just drive with my hair b__wing in the warm humid summer night air...


ssmith - February 5

Ugh.....I am jealous of ALL OF YOU!! Maybe I can get a bit of sympathy and pity here.....I drive a 2 DOOR, Honda Civic hatchback!! I dare any of you to try to wrestle a 20lb child in and out of a REAR FACING car seat in a TWO DOOR car. It is pure hell. I would trade in my DH for a bigger car......wahhhh


SonyaM - February 5

Oh Kara H, I am with you 100%!!!! I always wanted a Mitsubishi 3000GT but never made enough money to get one before kids so maybe someday. I do have a moonroof in my van though. How lame is that?????


TinaMarie - February 5

I wanted a mini husband swore....and I mean SWORE he would never get one. One year later we are sportiing a Chrysler mini van. Occa__sionally he will say, " I can not believe I am drivng a mini van" but he has told me countless times it was the best purchase we ever made!


CaliTrish - February 5

We're in the market for a new vehicle, but I'm still fighting the minivan. We replaced our 2-door SUV with a 4-door sedan before our DS was born. Now, it's time to replace one of two 2-seaters we own. I'm leaning towards the 4-door Ford Escape Hybrid - same feel as our old SUV with *much* better gas mileage (36 mph city). Probably gonna wait for the 2008 models - lower base price, safety pkg comes standard, larger GPS display. I will admit that the minivan sliding doors are SO practical & convenient. For this reason alone, we considered the Mazda5 – a quasi minivan. It was surprisingly comfortable and very practical but limited on options. We’ll probably take the plunge when #2 comes along. I’ll let DH drive it.


AnytimeLittleone - February 5

Im one of those mom's that CANT do minivans. NO WAY. We have a chev cavalier right now, and its fine for just the one kid.. but now that Im expecting #2, and itll be my last, we're thinking of doing the SUV thing.. is that a bad idea? We just need something big enough to fit 2 car seats in... (Dh is 6'5 and drives with the seat all the way back! We need something bigger like an Impala.. or an SUV, etc..)



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