To Mommies Of African American Baby Girls

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Babycakes - June 23

I was wondering when it would be okay to start making my dd hair., like maybe holding small bits up with colored tiny elastics.. she has lots of hair and she's 2 1/2 months now. when did u guys start making ur baby's it too early 4 my dd??


Marlene - June 23

I have a boy but my sister started when my niece was about 4 months old. If she has a lot maybe you can do it now just don't make it too tight.


Jamie - June 24

I have a friend whose little girl has TONS of hair...I tease that she was born with a 70s style puffhead...anyway, my friend started putting her hair up pretty much as soon as Mayah was born.


YC - June 24

Hi Babycakes, great question! My dd is af. amer. and also has a ton of curly hair. She is 6 months old and we haven't put her hair up yet. I think it's fine to start now. As long as it's not to tight I dont think it will affect anything. I look at my old baby pictures and I had little ponytails very early on. Does you dd have a problem when you comb her hair. My 6 month old HATES it already. It's so curly and tangles easily. I bought her some Just for Me detangler and it works well. What hair products, if any, are you using in your dd's hair? Just curious. Thanks!


Babycakes - June 25

Thanks, y'all!. YC, my dd has curly soft hair but as her hair grew some more, it started to tangle after washing it, so i came on this site and read a post about some mommies using baby lotion to soften, so i came up with this..i shampoo her hair with johnson's detangling formula, then towel dry and immediately apply a mix of a little baby lotion and baby oil and apply to her hair, that worked..i also used the fine tooth comb for adults in combing instead of the regular baby hair comb, no ha__sles since-also she's asleep by the time am done with her bath am gonna go get me some elastics and pretty her up....


YC - June 25

Thanks babycakes! I didnt know Johnson's made a detangling shampoo. I will have to go get some! Like I said I use the Just For Me detangler and that has worked well but I bet it would be even better combining the two. I tried the baby oil as well but it was to heavy. My dd also has soft tight curls. I use a light grease, well not really grease but I dont know what else to call it by SoftSheen. So far so good. Let me now hoe it goes putting her hair up. My dd will not stay still enough for me to try. LOL!


Dalinkwent - June 25

Try usung Natures Gate Herbal all natural conditioner after a shampoo with a mild baby soap. It really helps. You can find it anywhere organics are sold.


Ninimartini - June 25

My dd is african american/hispanic and I'am all african american .Any how you lucky people ,my dd is 1 yr next month and she hardly has any hair (so funny and cute) but i can't even get a bit of a pony anything on her . So i say if she has the hair than of course go ahead and pretty it up. Like the other girls said don't make it too tight, especially on the edges. Sometimes you see these pretty little girls with no edges and sometimes it dosen't even grow back.


Babycakes - June 26

Hi Dalinkwent, the organic conditioner- does that detangle too?? Can i get that from GMC? and to YC - which softsheen grease are you using? and isn't my dd too young for adult products like that? she's 2 1/2 months. also would that be carsons products- as in Dark and Lovely?


Babycakes - June 26



YC - June 27

Hello Babycakes. I use Ultra Sheen. It's from Johnson Products. It's the yellow very lite grease. I thought she may be to young for this but I tried it anyways. My ped. is not af. amer. so he didnt have much advice in this department however my hairdresser is af. amer. and this is what he used on all his kids. So far so good. I have to put something in her hair because is not it dries and gets frizzy. Dalinkwent other than the shampoo and soap you mentioned do you use anything else. I know your daughter is mixed so her texture is different. 3 of my nephews are half white half black and they all came out with very different textures of hair. One is even a blonde with blues eyes. Too cute! Thanks ladies! Ninimartini the hair will come LOL!!! I wish I could see all these babies...they sound beautiful!!!


TC - June 27

I don't have a daughter...but my son has lots of hair. I use a detangling shampoo from J&J as well and it works great. I agree with YC...I would love to see all of these babies. : D Hey has anyone of you ladies tried braiding your LO's hair?


YC - June 27

Hi TC. I dont think that my dd's hair is quite long enought to braid. I was looking at pictures of my fiance when he was a baby. He was born with a FULL FRO!!! They started braiding hs hair (cornrows) when he was like 4 months old. Dont ask me how they got a 4 month old to sit still for that long LOL!!! I think they did it when he was sleeping. It was so cute. I can't belive he had that much hair. How old are the little ones?


TC - June 27

Well my guy i is almost 10 months. YC, I was born with a full fro too. LOL...but my mom pulled my hair into little ponytails. My son has a baby fro as well. It's cute but as soon as he's a yr old, I'm cutting it down. He won't sit still for anybody to do anything to he just runs wild. You can see my Danny at : )


Marlene - June 27

TC I know I wasn't in the convo but your son is so cute!!!!


JAI - June 27

My son Jordan is half african american and half caucasion, he is 8 months old and he has this fro starting , but it is only in the back middle the top and sides are soft curls. His hair is so cute but hard to deal with.


JAI - June 27

Oh my g-d TC he is so cute! Here is my little guy Jordan.



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