To New Moms Did You Hire A Doula

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incubator - March 1

I am considering hiring a doula--my oBGYN office has tons of doctors and midwives, who are all great, but i have no way of knowing who will be with me when i go into's my first, and I like the idea of having a chance to get to know someone who will see me through the process. the doula service i found guarantees that the person you get will be with you through delivery--they include unlimited home visits, 24-hour phone contact, labor and delivery support, and a home visit after birth for a flat fee. My husband will also be with me but he's new at this, too. It's somewhat of a financial hardship for us (not cheap!) but I wanted to hear from others who have hired doulas about their experiences. Is it worth it? Did it make a big difference?


Happy Mom - March 5

I think that if it will make you more comfortable with your birth you should go for it! I had a midwife and I got to birth at home and it was wonderful. Beacause I had a midwife I was comfortable knowing she would be there (not some stranger) at my birth. I have read that having a doula reduces the need for drugs and greatly lowers your chances of having to have a c- section. I believe they will also help you establish b___stfeeding. I would say a doula would be a great investment. Good luck with everything incubator!


C - March 5

If you don't mind me asking, how much does this cost? I did not hire one because I know my husband is a cheapo when it comes to that kind of stuff. After going through it I wish I had someone there, along with my husband, to support me through it. I love my hubby but he is the type that if I asked him to find the nurse or get me some ice chips he would tell me that he was trying to take a nap. My sister was there for a little bit, and she was wonderful, but I had a long labor and she had to go to work. Next time I will consider having a doula or paying my sister to take the day off of work and hire her a babysitter! Oh and I had called my mother in law to tell her I was heading to the hospital and her and my husbands grandmother spent hours in the labor room because they wanted to be there for the delivery. I was so irritated that next time I'm not telling anyone until the little one makes their appearance.



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