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Rabbits07 - June 9

I read your other post on the delinkwent thread and I hope you'll reconsider not coming on this forum any longer. I have always valued your input and suggestions. I found it odd also that many did not see what many of the rest of us seen, as I thought it was blatantly obvious...but I figure all I can do is offer my input and hope she'll get the help she needs. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that your input is appreciated on here.


Bonnie - June 9

PBJ, I do not want you to leave. As far as her post goes....I have not had time to sort through it all (I will tonight). At her first post it truely sounds like she is very distressed and needs some help-professionally. I did not post right away to that thread though as I considered that maybe she just needed a vent. There are times where Mason has been crying all day long and when DH walks in the door I practically throw Mason at him complaining of him being a little $hit all day, lol. But then other days where I just can't let him go. I can understand the need to vent every so often, but couldn't really understand the way she was venting, KWIM? I guess the real question I had was whether she meant what she said or said things she did not mean (I know I can do that when upset enough). Either way, I am glad sheis seeing a councelor as maybe that will give her some help and a way to re-focus on things. I don;t really see the negativity towards her though either. PBJ, you better not leave!!


ry - June 9

yes, pbj, I agree. You always offer good insight and advice and your opinions and help would be greatly missed here! I am too disgusted by all of the bickering on that post. She posted a vent, she was offered support and advice and she turned around and made it into something it wasn't and I feel Jamie's posts were completely unneccessary. Anyways your input IS appreciated here!


HannahBaby - June 9

I know how you feel pbj, i get all emotional and upset when threads get all rowdy.


SonyaM - June 9

PBJ, you can't leave. You offer great opinions and they are valued. I think that thread got way out of hand. Glad you have calmed down and reconsidered.


Rabbits07 - June 9

I'm glad to see you are (probably) staying. It is easy to get caught up in these things because in this case the welfare of a baby was at hand. And I totally agree with you, when it comes to your baby everything else has to come second. I was actually going to suggest as you did that school be delayed. I have worked my rump off going to school and could've been done with my certification by the Spring of '07 if I had done cla__ses this summer and that was my intention when I registered for cla__ses before I found out that I was pregnant. I don't work outside of the home, but I do keep the books for our business and do all the secretarial obligations...that coupled with raising my children AND going to school proved overwhelming for me. And after taking one of my final exams while b___stfeeding Mason (I kid you not) I realized that I want to be with him more than I want school right now. School will always be there, but he won't always be a baby. I know there are women who do all three. If they can handle it then I salute them, but I agree with you that priorities must be in order. If it gets to the point that you can't handle it all then the non-essential should be the first to go (and in my book, baby is NOT the non-essential.) We all have our times when we get frustrated and downright irritated, but there are healthy ways of dealing with that frustration. Anyway... I'll hush because I don't want to beat a dead horse...just wanted to say I'm glad you're back on.


SonyaM - June 9

Rabbits07, I just love you posts .You are very wise and I value your opinions. And we both have a Mason. :)


Rabbits07 - June 9

Thanks, Sonya.***blush***I come here to help and be helped as I 'm sure most of us do, and it makes me feel good when I know I've helped someone. As for our Masons...I guess great minds think alike! ;-)


ry - June 9

yeah, while we're at it-Rabbits you are great also. you always take the time to help me with my questions no matter how dumb they may be and our babies are 1 day apart in age. thanks!


pbj - June 9

Just when I think I'm leaving cause I can't take it guys are awesome! (a tear) Rabbits07 does give great advice and to think she stays sane with 6 children. BTW, how old are your other LO's? (or maybe not so LO's) Really I've gotten great advice from many of you ladies.


Rabbits07 - June 9

Thanks to all of you! I appreciate all the advice and help I get on here as well.. and ry, no question is a dumb one. We're all in the same boat...trying to raise our babies the best that we can. pbj, my kids are 15, 13, 11, 8, 3 and of course, 10 weeks. I have 2 girls and 4 boys. It's hard sometimes, but the older ones are a great help with the younger ones. It's funny though because no matter how old they get you always worry about them. While I'm worrying about whether Mason is crying from gas or something else, I'm worrying about the motives of Mr. Teenhunk who wants to go out with my daughter (who my husband says will not be allowed to date until she is 30. LOL.) Being a parent is a lifetime job, not just until they are 18 and even with as many as I've had I still find I have tons of questions. I'm glad I found this forum and appreciate all of you!


Crissy - June 9

First off, I wanted to say, although I do not post a whole lot on here, I have been reading this forum since my daughter was born back in October. PBJ, I am really glad you have thought this over and decided to stay. You are one of the people that gives good, sound advice that I appreciate as well. Rabbits07, you too, are great and I really enjoy your posts. And Dalinkwent, I read your entire thread, and I happen to agree that is was stranglely hostile towards your daughter. In fact, I didn't even think the original post was real at first because I have never seen any mother on this forum to date, except you, talk that way about their own child. We have all kinds of drama going on here sometimes, but that was a first. Anyway, enough is enough and it seems as though you are just trying to stir up trouble. Do us a favor, and as Gracie said, shut up already.


Bonnie - June 10 this point can I just ask that people stop responding to Dalinkwent. After the first response where she flamed people for givingher hinest advice I thought that a. maybe she was just on here starting trouble, or b. maybe she was just defensive and not reading them properly. But now I just it is either a. starting trouble or b. she is flat out insane. It's kind of making me laugh at this point. Hopefully she is just some kid goofing off on the internet and not really as mental as she is sounding now. The only negative posts or derrogetory comments where either made by her or from other people at each other. All I saw towards her was serious concern (rightly so) and advice. ~shrugs~.............. To: Gracie, ROFL!!! Your post made me laugh! :D Well said!................To this comment, " Rabbits07, I just love you posts .You are very wise and I value your opinions. And we both have a Mason. :)" I completely agree and don't forget MY Mason! :D (Damn ya'll for stealing my unusual name, rofl)............You 3 should e-mail me so we can keep in tough (PBJ, Rabbit, and Sonya...oh yeah, Ry too). am also mid 30's and while Mason is my first baby (I waited until I knew I could put him first) I have 12 year old step children who are like my own and live with me. So Rabbits, I get the dreaded teen part, heh. I want to see pics of your babies!!! I know you guys have seen Mason, did you see the video of the twins?


Bonnie - June 10

P.S. Mason L-O-V-E-S Teletubbie so ppffftttttt


dedaa - June 10

Sounds good Bonnie it probably is just a kid messin around.


Dalinkwent - June 10

Yeah, my Bru-Bru loves the teletubbies too. La-La is her favorite!! Oh, my!! What is your LO's favorite? Maybe they can be diaper pals? Or ba-ba pals?



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