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austinsmom - June 5

Thank you for always trying to be so helpful to me and my lo about the eczema problems.....since it seems you have dealt with this with your lo's I thought I would ask you directly this question......I have used ( VERY SPARINGLY) the elidel that has been prescribed to my lo and it has really helped....for this I am greatful because the area on his ankles was getting to the point it was about to crack and my question is that this has healed up do you think the otc medicine may work to keep it healed now that it is better? Have you ever tried this theory with yours and if so how did it work out? Thanks ahead of time for your response!! :-)


nic nac - June 5

Hi austinsmom, I know this wasn't directed to me but once it has healed up you can use the over the counter stuff to keep the skin moist. Eucerin calming cream is a lotion that is mild enough for infants and it's the same company that makes aquafor. It's excellent for dry chapped cracked skin. I use it for myself now. And I know you bought the aquafor so you can use that right after a bath while still wet to seal in the moisture and follow up with the cream.


austinsmom - June 5

hi nic nac .....lets get specific about this eucerin....I bought the blue tube I think it is 3 oz worth and it is kinda clear like petroleum jelly this the very same thing you are talking about? I wonder cause you are calling it lotion and I want to make sure I really purchased what you have been talking about because it did help some at first but lo's eczema then got bad again........and thank you nic nac you have always been helpful as well .... :-)


Rabbits07 - June 5

yes, you can use otc to keep the skin moist. My daughter uses the Eucerin is not clear though, it is white and really desitin...but easier to rub in. I like it a little better that Aquafor as the skin absorbs it better, but as nic nac said, the Aquafor is good after bath to lock moisture in. We mostly use lotions and stuff to keep dd's from breaking out because she does not like to use the Elidel. This past winter it was not as bad as it has been in past years, but we are also lucky to have gotten a good idea as to alot of things that can trigger a break out. You may want to keep a journal on your lo's break outs with the location, the temperature that day, any enviromental factors he'd been exposed to, etc...this will help you tremendously in finding things that may trigger a break out. With the Elidel, when you notice your lo's eczema breaking out, use it at the very first sign...the worse it gets the longer it takes to heal. I don't know if your doc mentioned it or not, but Elidel is only approved for consecutive use for 3 months at a time (if used daily, it can only be used for 3 months and then must be stopped for a period of time). We have had alot of success with dd in using the lotions to prevent breakout. My mil has/had it really bad, but says lotions actually make hers worse...she has an aloe vera plant and uses the pure aloe vera on her hands and has not had a major breakout in years. The only time she breaks out is if she gets detergents or something on her hands accidentally.


austinsmom - June 5

oh and the light bulb just went off in my head lol....I did not see a cream when I was looking for aquafor by eucerin all I found was this stuff guess I will go to another store and look there...thank you for clearing that one up for me.....I will be happy to buy anything natural and for infants if it will keep me away from the elidel as much as possible....I hope one day yall will have a question I can help with like yall have helped me.....I will keep my eyes peeled..ha ha


nic nac - June 6

you're welcome austinsmom. I try to help when i can. I am sure you will be able to help too. The aquafor is a jelly, and the eucerin is a thick cream (called calming cream) like Rabbits07 said. Eucerin makes the cream and the aquafor so they both come in blue and white jars or tubes. The eucerin is great. How are things going? you can look on the web if you are still unclear.


nic nac - June 6

my dd has the two patches of dry skin on her face and i use the aquafor and eucerin. it clears up but sometimes comes back but it's not serious. the ped. said it can take a long time for it to go away and they don't want to prescribe a medicine because the steroids thin the skin and could create stretch marks. have you two heard anything like that? does the elidel have steroids in it?


Rabbits07 - June 6

Seems like I had heard that about the steroids, but I can't remember where. The Elidel is steroid free, which is why it is the preferred rx for children, but it is still not recommended for treatment on a long term basis without interruption. I can totally understand why austinsmom is wary of using it alot.


austinsmom - June 6

yes nic nac rabbits is right elidel is steroid free and I have also heard that steroids thin the skin....but I have really noticed that given the fact that many infants seem to have this problem with eczema no other person on this forum has said their child was prescribed while it is working awesome on my lo I have stopped using it as of monday since things have cleared up......I will now start using the eucerin cream and aquafor and see if I can keep his skin clear with it and if that does not work I will try the stuff my mil found at target this all natural cream with vitamins and minerals made for ezcema otc.....I guess all you can do is try huh? It is kinda funny...I have never been a person who is afraid to take medicine cause I have had to all my life and I have never really thought about side effects cause the med I take is crutial to my wellbeing....but when it comes to my son I freak out!!! I reckon this is what being a mommy is all about.......yall have a good day..... :-)



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