To Speak Or Not To Speak

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Jenn - January 25

Ladies, I think that I may have "over stepped" that imaginary mom line that everyone is catious about with a friend of our family's. But, I did this with the child's well-being in mind and nothing else. This friend of our's has a son who is having a lot of respiratory/health issues. She's been to specialists who refered her to an allergist. They did tests and said everything was normal. However, my dh has done work on their home and he keeps telling me that they have a serious mold problem. He told her dh how to clean it up and test-but they haven't. They painted over some of it. Anyways, to make a long story short, I read an article called "is your home making you sick" and all these symptoms sound just what he has-mind you I am no doctor. But, I called and left a message about havine a mold allergy and maybe the doctor should check that-in a nice round about way. This was 2 weeks ago- and I saw her yesterday and she looked right at me-No wave, no nothing. I think I made her mad-should I apologize? Or maybe she just didn't realize it was me? did I overstep that boundary? I was concerned for him-it says that a child could die.....


Rabbits07 - January 25

I certainly would have spoken up......someone needs to. If you were nice about it then I don't see as to how you owe her an apology. Maybe call and ask her if you offended her somehow and let her know that wasn't your intention.....that you just read the article and thought of him and since you are good friends you wanted to let her know about it. It is possible that she didn't realize it was you. If she IS mad then your phone calls probably won't get answered (if she has caller id) which case you may want to make a visit. If she's mad then apparently she took it the wrong way...maybe felt that you were insinuating that she wasn't caring for her son properly? I would just point blank let her know that you value the friendship and was only concerned about them.


Jenn - January 25

yeah, prior to yesterday, I tried calling 2x's, and got no responses. I think that I may have offended her, she takes things personally like that. that is why I was trying to be 'just curious" about the mold, but my dh says that the wall the he sleeps against needs torn out and replaced. And docs need to know if things like this are a possibility, I don't think that she would volunteer info about having mold to her doc. Although it is common to have mold. I also fear that she just blew it off-but there is really nothing I can do-but that "what if" factor keeps eating at me......


vonzo - January 25

I don'tthink you've overstepped the mark, you were just showing love and concern for her son. I can understand how she may have taken it wrong though if she is a sensitive person. Why not write her a letter explaining your reasons behind why you did that and just say you didn't mean to cause her any offense and your sorry if you have done you were just trying to be helpful. The article struck something in you that you thought could have been helpful to her. Say you don;t want to lose her friendship over something small like this. If she still doesn't get in touch then i would just leave it as you would have tried your best and it would be her with the problem and not you.



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