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babymad - March 19

hi stef, I have already posted about this issue.My dd was born on July 7th 2008 and she is going to be around 9 months.She was sleeping well Till 4 months and from then on the problem started.. I exclusively breasftfed her for 4 months and I returned to my work after that, so she was combined with formula and Cereals..Now she ates br___tmilk on morning and nights, formula, veggies, fruits, bread etc.. The problem is she is waking continuously in nights..She wants to suck my br___ts always irrespective of whether she is hungry or not.. She will sleep around 8.30 – 9 pm and always turn to my side for milk..She sucks for 10 mnts and then turn the opposite side and sleep for 10 mnts.. after 10 mnts she again turns to my side and sucks..Sleep for 10 mnts and sucking for 10 mnts..The whole night goes on like this..She will not open her eyes though and will get up at 6.30 -7.00…. Iam going mad…… I don’t like life and depreesed..I am feeling very sleepy in work..What sucks me she is also not sleeping and iam also not sleeping..Morning she takes normal naps around 1 hr for 2- 3 times.. I have tried giving formula in nights also but didn’t help.. I know u had sleeping issues with ur DD.. Can u help me to sort out….Can I have little sleeppppppppp???


stefkay - March 19

Hey! Yes, sounds a lot like my dd! She is doing SO much better now though. I found that the worst part of the sleeping problems were when I took her into bed with me. I know co-sleeping can be a wonderful thing for some, but it seems that I found in my readings that it is better if it is started at birth. If you start co-sleeping later as a way of coping with night wakings/feedings, usually it only hurts the mom and baby as in lack of sleep. There is something they call it, like situation co-sleeping (I don't think that's it exactly, but you get the gist). Anyways, did your dd start the night waking when you started her on solids? I have no idea how they would relate, but I know my dd's night waking started when I started her on solids too. I started her at 6 mos, now she is almost 9 and doing much better. I had to really discipline myself to not fall asleep with her in bed with me when I'd do a night nursing. What I was doing was she'd wake, I'd bring her into our bed and lay down and nurse her. We'd both fall asleep and then when she woke again she be wanting to nurse so it would go on all night. Sometimes she'd do the 10 min suck like your dd. Just constantly rooting around for my nipple. Well,she was also in our room with us. Her crib was about 5 feet from our bed so I would get her, go in bed and nurse her but keep myself awake (so hard) and then when she fell asleep I put her back in the crib. Sometimes she fussed and I would let her fuss for a bit, but if it turned to all out crying I'd get her and try again. Eventually she started waking less and I don't know if it had to do with me or that she pa__sed a phase, or whatever? Then one night we realized that we were going to bed with our tv on and it might be disturbing her so I tried putting her down in her crib fully awake at 8:30 pm (in the time up to that point we had just put her in her crib after she fell asleep in our arms sometime when we went to bed around 11. I kept the tv off and only turned on her aquarium soother and left the room. This was around 7-8 mos old and she fussed/cried for like a minute and then fell asleep. She has been pretty consistent like that now for some time and finally a week or so ago we moved out of the room we were in with her (I wanted her to have the familiarity of the same room) and she started only waking once in the night and since I had to go into the other room to get her it forced me to wake up more so I nursed her in the living room rocking chair and when she went to sleep I put her back in her crib. Last night she slept through the WHOLE night! I honestly think some of it has to do with developmental stages and it will pa__s, but some of it is habits I had to change. I went nuts reading sleep books and although I got lots of great info out of them it worked more for me to go on gut instinct. I read both sides of the spectrum--Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child (cry it out method) and the Baby Sleep Book (william sears, attachment parenting school of thought)...If you have any questions just let me know. I figure that next week she'll be waking all the time again as they always seem to mix it up on mom, lol ;)


babymad - March 24

thanks stef for your kind reply..But situation hasnt improved..Now she is having stuffy nose and makes the situation worst..I cannot sleep at a stretch for 1 hr also...Anybody lo's nearing 9 months in the same situation..



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