To Those In The USA

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Deirdra - February 14

I thaught this owuld be cute.... go to w w w. howmanyofme . com (of corse no spaces) and see how many poeple have your name...i am the only Deirdra with this speeling of the name at yea lol...


sahmof3 - February 14

Cute website. There are 85 people with my same first and last name... and I know of one of them... she lives in a neighboring town, has bad credit and I used to always get calls (mistaken ident_ty) about HER late bills... grrrrr!


Tanaja - February 14

There is absolutely no one in the US that has my name. I could have sworn I've heard about a couple of them though.


SonyaM - February 14

Well no one has my first and last name combo but about 76,000 have my first name. Get this "More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Sonya are female" Um, yeah I would think so!!!!


sahmof3 - February 14

Hey Tanaja... there could be some that they just don't know about. I put in my best friend's dd's name (it's very unusual) and it said there is noone with that name. I also put in some friend's names (first and last) and it said there was noone with that name combo, so they don't have everyone counted.


sahmof3 - February 14

Sonya... I got the same 99.9% thing lol. Imagine... no boys named Tammy?


Lisastar9 - February 14

Darn I can't enter my name it wouldn't let me choose an age. I live in Canada fun website


MM - February 14

22, 498 people in the US have my name (Meagan). I live in Canada. It says my name is the 1219th most popular (tied with 38 other first names) - LOL. There are 500, 948 people in the US with my husband's first name (Ryan) & 0 with my son's first name (Braeden).


bradylove - February 14

I live in Canada but tried it anyway...I have a very unusual name but there are 3 people with the same name!! My first name is 495th most popular and there are over 104.000 people with it! Well I thought it was unusual but I guess not!!


EMBERBABY - February 14

No one with my name and maiden name. But 83 with name and last name. No one with dd name and last name though.


Crisi P - February 14

The website says there is only one other person in the US with my first and last name, and thats my sister-in-law! I wish that she'd get married and gain a new last name, I hate sharing it (even though it was hers first). Its just too confusing when we visit!


mcatherine - February 14

86 people have my first and last name combo. Over 3.5 million have my first name.


ConnorsMommy - February 14

1500 people have my first name (Breana) and 47,995 have my last name.. but supposedly nobody else has the combination of both =)


jb - February 14

I thought it was cool when I first checked it. I tried my maiden name and it said nobody in the US has that last name! Mmmmm, ok whatever! I guess my side of the family doesn't exist then!


BriannasMummy - February 15

Thats crazy.. I also live in Canada.. but 4 people in USA have the same name as me. There are 148484 people with the same first name as me.. I guess Kristin is a popular name! I also go the same. 99.9% of all people with my name are female.. who would have thunk! haha ~Kristin~


Lindsey - February 15

There are 100,584 called Lindsey. There are also 11 people with my 1st and last name and 89.4 % are female. I'm in the UK, but tried it for fun. i wish there was a UK equivalent.


apr - February 15

I dont live in the US but I tried it out've curiosit. no one had my first name and 2340 had my last name lol



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