To Those Not Using CIO

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pbj - March 11

My 4 mth old dd has had napping issues since the day she was born. Let me first say that she is a great sleeper at night. Most nights she sleeps at least 9 hours without waking at all. The napping is a whole other issue and clearly she's tired. The only way I can even get her to nap for a little while, (usually the longest, on a good day is an hour) is if I hold her. I hate doing this cause God only knows what kind of horrible habit this is going to produce. I wish I could be strong enough to let her CIO, but I just can't. I've tried laying her down in her crib, putting her in her swing, bouncy seat, etc once she's been put to sleep, but as soon as I let her go she wakes up and smiles at me. (it is really cute though) So I try it again, she'll either then refuse to go back to sleep or I get so frustrated from trying to put her down I whimp out I just hold her. The main issue I have is if she doesn't get a nap she is exhausted at 6:00 in the eve. and then wants to sleep until 8:00 when she should be going to bed. Does anyone have any suggestions for me. Please though don't just tell me to have her CIO, because I know that is something I can not do. Thanks so much


HANNAHs Mom - March 11

Have you tried laying down with her in your bed? I actually co-sleep with my baby so all of my dd's naps take place in the master bed. I am not sure if that is a habit you want to start at naptime but it can also be a bonding time for both of you. Other than that...some nice, soothing baby CD's might help...


TRP - March 11

What I would suggest, as Hannah's mom said, is laying her in your bed, but lay beside her. Not holding her, but letting her know you're there might help her go to sleep. I used to co-sleep with my dd, I still do from time to time at night and all her naps were in our bed. That was until she started rolling and almost crawling (almost rolled off the bed). Then I had to put her in her crib to nap, which she did very well adjusting to. Like I said, just try laying by her, but not holding her. Maybe hold her hand. This has worked for me in the past. Now my dd goes right down for naps (in her crib)!


Lillie E - March 11

my son always falls asleep on car rides, but since i really don't want to waste the gas and drive around town everytime he should nap, i set him in his carseat, without strapping him in and stick him on the drier while doing laundry. he also loves the vacuum. i'll lay him down and start vacuuming and he'll go right to sleep. it gives me a chance to not only put my son to sleep, but also get some cleaning in.


kimmysmommy - March 12

pbj- i am going through almost the same exact thing...only my dd is almost 3 mo. old. she will cat nap her way through the day...20 min. here 45 min there, but rarely an actual nap for an hour or 2....i hate to hear her cry so i could never let her CIO. i am also a whimp, i let when she gets really grouchy i let her sleep on my chest....and you are lucky, bc mine isn't such a great sleeper at nite yet either, but we are getting better. she is now sleeping for approx. 5 hours before she wakes up hungry. oh yeah, and try this, during the day, i lay with my dd, in my bed, and once i am sure she is out, i move off and kind of scoop her up and put her in her crib. or sometimes if i am desperate for her to sleep bc she is so overtired, i let her lay next to me (she usually falls asleep while nursing, in that side lying position) and make phone calls or watch tv or just relax.....hope this helps......maybe ask your ped. for a suggestion?? let me know if you find something that works. :)


kimmysmommy - March 12

whoops...there is an extra "i let" in that second sentence after "whimp" am a little sleepy :)


Christy - March 12

I am in the same boat as you, so unfortunately, I can't offer any advice. :( I was going to discuss CIO with the doctor tomorrow, since I am plumb out of ideas. If he offers any non-CIO advice, I will pa__s it on to you. :)


hrsmith - March 12

pbj. when my son starts to cry after i put him down, i just place my hand on his chest and rub him lightly. sometimes i think he just needs that reasurance that i am there. i try not to pick him up though. however he doesn't cry very hard anyway, so i don't know if this will help you or not. I also will wisper in his ear reall lightly as I am putting him down.


hrsmith - March 12

one more thing. I don't know how structured you are. I am kind of a structure freak, so I try to keep napping the same every day. He wakes up at 6, I put him down by 8 regardless! he usually sleeps about an hour or so. I always try to put him down within the 2 hour period from his wake time. It was hard at first, but he has fallen right into the routine. BTW, my son is almost 5 months


Christy - March 12

hrsmith- I was going to talk to the doc about doing that with my son as well. My only worry is that if he isn't tired when I put him down, he won't sleep. Does your baby show any signs of being tired when you put him down to nap, or are you strictly by the clock? Just wondering. :)


Ca__sieSong - March 13

My 3 mos old naps 45 minutes at a time (at the most) and by evening is exhausted as well. I feel as though I've tried everything. She will sleep in her crib after she either gets drowsy enough or asleep as I walk her around the livingroom to music with her. She always wakes up after 30-40 minutes though. It is really wearing on me because my whole day consists of getting her to sleep over and over again.



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