To Those Stay At Home Moms And Those Who Are Teachers

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ARD - March 13

Ok, I am a teacher and I finish out the school year this coming June. I have an 8 mth old dd and she'll be 1 in July. I REALLY want to stay home next year because I've missed her SO bad all this year!! I think hubby and I can get by, but I'm really nervous about it! I would like to work part-time if I could. I just hate giving up a career that I LOVE, but I know my child comes first. We've also had trouble with dependable childcare this aunt kept her for a few months and now can't due to back problems. So for the past 2 mths, my poor husband (who works 3rd) is having to come in from work in the mornings and instead of sleeping, he has to watch our dd. He is such a good sport about it too! But I know it can't be like that forever. And we don't want to put her in daycare either. UGHHHH!!! Do any of you have any suggestions, words of encouragement, or similar experiences to share?


ssmith - March 13

I am a Teacher, and I also used to work in a daycare. It seems like we only ever hear the daycare-horror stories....but I know (from experience) that there are a lot of really excellent daycare centres out there too! I worked at one. My dd will be 1 end of April, and I am going to stay home with her through the summer and go back to work part-time in the fall. I have her registered at the daycare I used to work at for part-time in September. My Mom might be able to look after her most days, so I might not even need the daycare ~~ but it's there if need be. I feel that working part time is ideal when you also have a's the best of both worlds! Daycare centres aren't all bad, especially for toddlers who really flourish from the socialization and the stimulation / activities etc they receive. I hope you guys find a solution that works for you!


mcatherine - March 13

I'm not in your position, but my sister was. She was a teacher and loved it so much (didn't want to give it up), but really wanted to be home with her girls more. She ended up moving to a church that has a daycare/preschool to teach private kindergarten. She works from 8:00 - noon and her youngest daughter goes with her - which she is comfortable with because she is right down the hall. They only charge her $100/month for her daughter! She always says it's like having the best of both worlds. Just a thought for you....


jacksonsmommy - March 13

I was an accountant for several years and my career came a close second to my husband for a long time. We just had our first baby and I am now a stay at home mom. I was worried about getting bored, missing adult interaction, and challenging my mind; but none of these enter my head as I go about my daily routine of feeding DS, changing diapers, bath time, and my favorite -- play time right before cuddle and nap times. I love being at home with my son and I don't think about my career at all. No regrets here. Good luck with your decision : )


ARD - March 13

Thank ladies...I have the summer to figure it all out. I appreciate you responses!! :o)


SonyaM - March 13

I say if you can swing it and want to then go for it. Another option you might want to consider sending her to a dayschool. For instance my oldest son (4.5y/o) goes to a Methodist Dayschool and I love it!!!!!!!! It is only open 4 days a week from 9:00-2:30 but maybe one is your area is open 5 days a week and the hours would allow dh to sleep. I have worked in child care for years and have had my son in two day cares prior to this one and I can't tell you what a difference it is. I have had friends put their kids in Methodist Dayschools too and for some reason they are just awesome. Okay, now I'm babbling.....good luck.


ash2 - March 13

Maybe you could keep a few kids at home for the extra money and kind of open up your own daycare/ private school since you are a teacher and all !So you could be doing what you love AND being with DD...


Keli - March 13

I am an Elem PE Educational Aide. I do what a pe teacher does, but much less pay. But I dont have my bachelors degree. I am considering quitting next year also. My baby will be 1 in july. We are on spring break right now, and I really love being home with her. My hubby works midnight shift. And watches her during the day. What if you subbed 1-2 days a week? Could you work part time as a reading teacher or tutor or something part time at your school ?


kvilendrer - March 13

I know there are many women who post ads on I would always insist on meeting the person and doing a background check, but that could be an alternative for finding someone in your area to watch your child.



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