To Those That Have Or Will Have Babies Close In Age

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AnytimeLittleone - February 2

Just wondering what your day consists of. Im really apprehentious at the thought of having a 14 month old and a new baby. Im sure things will be hectic for a while, but Im sure they'll mellow out. Just wondering how hectic it will actually be.... thanks!


sahmof3 - February 2

My youngest was born when my older two were 5yo and 17 months. My day for the first two months was pretty much entertaining my dd while I nursed my ds lol. He was a frequent daytime nurser (but the payoff was that he slept through the night from birth). My son began nursing less frequently after those first few weeks, but it was a bit crazier because I had to take my son to preschool and pick him up and to speech therapy, so we were running around a lot. It took my dd about a month to adjust to not being allowed to just climb on my lap whenever she wanted, have me get her things whenever she wanted, etc., but she became more independent and it got easier.


ash2 - February 2

Well mine are 3 years apart, ( not sure if that is what you are looking for ) but the best thing to do is to start your day off every morning with a routine. ( Give or take having something to do ) . Stick to it because it will make your and the kids day easier because they will know what to expect. It is a little hectic at first, but the more they do it, they will develop the ways. Stay consistant .


in the woods - February 2

I did not feel that I robbed my 19 mo old when the baby was born. She played with her toys just like before the baby, watched her shows just like before. We had plenty of time one on one because the baby slept for long intervals. Maybe my kids are exceptionally good, but both were / are good natured. The older one, i think, was forced to become a bit mature because I was asking her to be quiet when the baby slept - she learned this responsibility... Now, looking back, it amazes me because my now 24 month old son is still a baby in my eyes -- it all settles down, whatever worries you have, it is going to be all right.


k.p.j.e. - February 2

Wow you guys are very calming with your advice. My son will be 17 mo when my daughter is born. Inthe woods you made me feel better about how you described your older child acting. I am hoping for that! Also good advice Ash2 because I instilled a routine for my son early on and you are right it gets to be very important. Consistency makes them and you feel better. Anyway good luck anytimelittleone keep us (me) posted how it goes for you...I hope your kids and mine are all easy-going!



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