To Those Who Use Orajel

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Deirdra - January 13

Baby orajel has been linked to seizures. i cant find the story right now...but just so you know. please be careful using it.


Renea - January 13

Deirdra---Just to clarify---based on the info I found, just using orajel hasn't been linked. It is overusing--which causes methemoglobinemia, which causes seizures. I have used orajel on all my kids teething issues, but you just have to make sure you don't overuse it.


lenae - January 13

My ped said that orajel/ teething gels actually harden the gums and make it more painful until it wears off, so I don't use it anyway but thanks for the warning about overuse. I will pa__s it along to friends who do use it.


LisaB - January 13

Also my ped said not to use Orajel in little ones under 6 months because it can numb the back of their throat which can cause choking with the extra saliva.


Hana - January 13

Whats considered 'overusing' Renea? I just began using it so thanks for the info Deirdra


Renea - January 13

Hana---my tube says not to use more than 4 times a day, unless directed by dr. or dentist, so I guess overusing would be going over the recommendations. I rely on tylenol or ibubrofen moreso---I really only use it for when he is trying to sleep and the med. hasn't helped yet.


missy - January 13

this is a true story--my best friends step brothers baby boy died b/c his stomach exploded when they gave their ds medicine(I forget what kind not tylenol--I will find out) and also put orajel on his gums. The combination of the two exploded his stomach--true but very very sad story.So do be careful and dont use anything else when giving baby orajel. I dont even use the stuff and never will--wet rag works great for my dd's teething!!


Hana - January 13

OMG my ds is on antibiotics...thats so weird and very sad:(


Kara H. - January 13

Our ped said she would rather us use Tylenol and chilled teethers instead of orajel. She said the same thing about it numbing their gag reflex. Max started teething before he had the hand coordination to keep the teethers in his mouth. So we would submerse his pacifiers in a bowl of water and squeeze the nipple so it would draw up water into the nipple. Then we would freeze them. Max loves his frozen paci's. The will drip water as they thaw, but Max is aways wearing a bib anyways from the constant drool so its not a big deal.


flower.momma - January 13

Okay, I was totally against it until my dd had all 4 bi-cuspids coming in at once. The relief was immediate. Then I still had the tube left over when my last wisdom tooth came in a month ago. I was in so much pain, I figured, why not? It worked so well!!! My pain went away for 2 hours. So that's my personal success story.


flower.momma - January 13

Hmmmm, Missy, sounds like an urban myth to me.


Ca__sie06 - January 13

I use it on DS and it works wonders! He is screaming nonstop from his teeth and will not let me give him anything to chew on. Everything he gets he throws back at me. I use the regular baby orajel 3 times a day and nightime orajel before he goes to bed. It makes days more pleasant for all of us.


missy - January 15

flower.mamma--I wish it was just an urban myth but this actually happened my best friend was at the funeral, (it was out of town) and I spoke with the parents when they were in town last summer. Trust me I would never lie about something like this.


DeeJay - January 17

I know this post is a few days old, but I went back looking for teething info as my dd is really suffering from two top teeth coming in.. She hasn't got any on the bottom yet like they say come first, but definitaly two poking through on the top. I just used the orijel yesterday and it did seem to help her. My mom used Whiskey on my gums so I wonder what is better?? I am now worried about the choking. I don' think I will use the orijel at night. She has seemed to sleep ok at night so far, it has been the days that are night mares! I was also considering the tylanol, but now I am worried about that, but although I am not saying I think Missy is lying, it must be very rare as I would think that there would be more warnings about the stomac thing. I just wish she wasn't in so much pain. She doesn't want anything cold to chew on, and she even has trouble sucking her thumb! (which also makes her upset) sigh......... I need a drink. but its only 7 am!!! Its going to be a long day.


ry - January 17

I have never been able to get the orajel on my babys gums-she would lick it or close her mouth tight but I have heard its not the best thing for babies. I swear by the little teethers teething tablets that dissolve in their mouth. It always calms my dd down and she goes to sleep after i give those to her. Also our ped said no to be afraid to use tylenol and motrin if she seems to be in pain. I always hesitate to medicate her but they rea__sured me it wont do any damage and its better to relive her pain than to let her suffer unneccessarily.


reachbree - January 17

OMFREAKING!!! My baby boy has just turned 4 1/2 months, a month ago my husband and his mother gave him some Orajel because he has been teething..for a while now....well they said he was really fussy, I left work early and picked him up from them and he was acting very strange and the way i was describing it was "faintishly" My husband said the medicine just made him drousy, me being stupid I listened to him when i should have rushed my baby to the hospital. After that my husband said maybe you just put too much, I said No I put exactly what the tube says, a tiny pea size the next time i used less that THAT!, he still behaved drugishly as if i gave him some marijuana or something...i told dh and MIL not to ever give him that again and im glad i ran into this post, now dh and MIl can stop looking at me like im crazy when i tell them that c___p makes him act funny.


flower.momma - January 17

hmmmmm, not buying it, sorry. Were pop-rocks and 7-up also invloved?



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