To Those Who Used BabyPlus

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natasha - January 17

There were some mothers on the General pregnancy board who were using the babyplus prenatal stimulation at the same time I was and we agreed to let each other know how we thought it did. My daughter Kylee is 3months old and I am happy I used it, I think it did make a difference. I know it could all be coincidence but I think she benefited from it. She was a large baby (8 14) who has always had a very good appet_te, and she is very calm and extremely curious. i know that could describe a lot of babies, but seriously my pediatrician wanted to take her home with him on her 2week checkup. He couldnt believe how good and strong she was. My family is impressed with her too. She goes to daycare part time and everyone there wishes they had clones of her she is so easygoing. She was mimicking sounds we made at 5wks. She just coos and babbles all the time and you will rarely hear her fuss or cry. Only if you let her get too hungry will she get irritated enough to cry a little. She is also sleeping through the night since about 7weeks with no coaching (always just woke up once for a meal and went to bed before that) She is such an easy baby and I am soooo thankful. I guess we'll never know how much the Babyplus stimulation helped (we also talked to her alot in utero, and interact with her alot now too) The real test will be when they get in school to see if it helped with ability to concentrate and all that. I plan to teach her sign language starting at 6mnths and I cant wait.


Sorry - January 18

But I think that this product is a way to take everyones money.


Tami - January 18

We never used baby plus and our baby has been the same way-very strong, etc. I don't even know what baby plus is to tell you the truth. My daughter has been rolling over since she was three weeks old and she talks all the time-seriously. She only cries when she is hungry and while I admit she likes to be held and have attention, she is a pretty easy baby compared to others. I don't think these products make a difference-it really just depends on the baby. Just like adults they will all have their own personalities and temperaments.


CEM - January 18

Natasha, I have an extremely easy-going, strong, and relaxed baby too and I have never even heard of BabyPlus! What is it? I'm not trying to say your little girl didn't benefit from it, but it could also be a coincidence maybe? It's hard to say, some babies are just born that way. Just like some are born high-strung. But I'd like to know what BabyPlus is....


S - January 18

your baby sounds like 50% of babies today. 50% of people will get a fussy, highstrung, colicky baby who is really good other times...and 50% of people will get a baby that is cool, calm, happy go lucky etc etc. it has nothing to do with this babyplus. all that is, is a way to get the consumer to spend there money unnecessarily.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 18

I'm glad your baby is so great, but I agree with everyone else. Luck of the draw. My son is high strung, and was colicky etc, but also very strong. At just 5 mos yesterday he can sit up and drink out of a sippy cup. Each baby is different.


lena - January 18

What is BabyPlus? I too have never heard of it and my baby fits your baby's description to a T. Though she isn't in daycare. She is the most calm, relaxed, bright and observant kid I myself have ever seen - and others are always remarking on it as well. We never used anything....we did however do the baby sign language thing (we just made up our own signs - no need to buy the tapes and "study"). It worked, but it also gave us a "mute" child for a very long time. All she wanted to do was sign and she talked very little. I don't think we'll do it again with this baby - except for maybe the bare basics like tired, hungry, thirsty.


natasha - January 18

I know that a lot of babies are that way anyway, but I wanted to maybe increase our chances.... All things being equal, would building more brain connections and retaining more brain cells help her in life or is it a crock of hooey? Cant ever know for sure. If nothing else it gave me something to concentrate on that I was in control of while pregnant. made me feel good, like I was doing all I could for her ;0) The main reason I used it was because of the benefits it claims for later on in life, helping concentration and higher grades and IQ. Nowadays you need all the help you can get. I didnt figure it would hurt to at least try to maximize her potential. It didnt cost me much, I bought it on ebay for $130 and sold it for $100. so I dont think it was a bad gamble at all. I would like to keep in touch with the other ladies who were using it and see if our kids seem to do really well in school. Now if I can just keep her away from the wrong crowd and boys ;0) I told hubby if she ever starts drinking I will kick her b___t for killing all those brain cells I tried to save for her.


natasha - January 18

for those who wanted to know what it is is the website, it explains it better than I could. I didnt buy mine there, I got mine on ebay for a little cheaper.


CEM - January 19

Sounds great, natasha! I can't say whether or not your baby girl benefited from this, but she most likely didn't suffer! I think it was a very nice thing to do for your little one. Can't hurt anyway! It'd be interesting to see how she does later on in life. : )



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