To Those With Babies In Daycare

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Danielle19 - March 13

Do you babies get sick alot form beng in daycare, ever since jordan started daycare last month hes been sick the whole time, rsv, ear infection and a chronic stuffy nose and cough i know its the daycare becasue hes never been sick before he started, they even have a toy sanitizing machine they put the toys through twice aday. are all daycares like this?


ashtynsmom - March 13

My dd goes to a home daycare, and she was sick quite a bit. It wasn't BAD, but seemed to always have a runny nose, cough or sneezing. I think that is just part of daycare. The good thing is that with each cold they get, they are strengtheing their immune systems for later in life!!


San - March 13

Yup, unfortunately they're all like that. Zoe's been in daycare for 2 weeks, 3 weeks ago as she's been off sick with community acquired pnuemonia & an ear infection this past week. It's horrible when they get sick but I try to look at it as they're building up their immune systems. Believe me, I was NOT thinking this way last week when I hadn't slept for 7 days and felt so bad for Zoe. Thankfully spring is coming so they (hopefully) won't be sick much longer.


Danielle19 - March 13

yea hes pretty much just got the stuffy nose and cough now, i keep telling myself that too, that its only making his body stronger, even though i don't know if its true or not


kris313 - March 13

Yup, that's the way it is. All those little sweeties nicely sharing their toys and treats means they're also sharing their germs. :) It is true about building immunities earlier. Daycare kids have it a lot easier once they start school because they've already been exposed to a whole range of nasties.


venus_in_scorpio - March 13

yep - first bout is daycare, second bout is kindergarten. think about all of the mnew stuff theyre exposed to ya know...



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