To Vaccinate Or Not Share Your Opinion

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pebblesnbambam - October 4

I think this has always been a big debate but even more since the Oprah show with Jenny McCarthy and Robin.... SOOO what are YOU doing.. no judgement here ladies... share what you plan to do and your reasoning.. EDUCATE us on your choices... I am on the fence. I did all of the shots with my now 4 year old son and he is undergoing evaluations right now for aspergers... an autism spectrum disorder. I have a 4 month old little girl and am debating about getting her vaccinated.... or at least asking for the thermosal free injections and spacing them out. ALSO... the flu shot... has a HIGH amount of mercury in i have heard... Wondering if I am going to skip this as well for both kids.... DO SHARE what you plan to do and any interesting information you have come across. Thanks


DDT - October 4

I will be getting the MMR shot for my ds when he is 12 months old. I want to have him immunized against measles, mumps & rubella. He will be in daycare at the time and these viruses are all very contagious. Read this article on spacing out the shots:


DDT - October 4

BTW my brother is diagnosed with Aspergers and he started showing signs before his 1st birthday. He was always a withdrawn, quiet baby, child and now adult.


kimberly - October 4

I have vacinated all my kids and will do the same with my dd, she is 7 weeks. She had her first set of shots a weeks ago. I feel that some of the diseases they vacinate for could be a lot worse than the risk of autism. I am not saying autism isn't bad, I just think death or even just being very ill is worse. Before there were vacines people died from most of the disease they vacinate for.


pebblesnbambam - October 4

How is he now???? I have a lot of hope that my son can be a "normal" child.... we have caught it early enough. My son was withdrawn, had 4 words (only dh and I could understand) at age two... BUT... now is as smart as a kindergardner says his specialists. He is loving but gets freked out with overstimulation... It has been a real challenge... and we have finally found someone who is evaluating him and we will get more treatment for him. He is in speech therapy now and that has really helped. We have a long road to travel. Can't say I can PIN the aspergers to this... but the immunizations SCARE ME!!!!! Thanks for the article.. I will take a look at it.


countrymom401 - October 4

I gave my lo his first set at 6 months and I will not be going back until he at least 2. I am sorry but I have had nothing but trouble. The shot itself went alright but for 2 days he would just start screaming. Which he never did before. Then 4 days later he ended up with thrush. The doctor says it can't be related but whatever. I may be a crazy mom for not doing it but oh well. And while I was there I was asking the health nurse a bunch of questons and she couldn't give me any real hard fact answers. It's for the greater good. but each to thier own I'm not telling you not to get yours done . I'm just saying I won't be going back for a long time. Oh and my sister never got her kids done and they are both very healthly.


kim00 - October 4

I agree with Kimberly. I would rather take the risk of autism, and vaccinate my kids, than risk them getting these diseases that are still very real and prevelant.


jendean00 - October 4

My DD got her 4 month shots today and I talked to her Doc and he made me feel so much better. He used the a___logy that not vaccinating your children is like putting them in car with no carseat. He said you might the debate that you have a crash with a fire and you can't get your child out in the time...he said it can happen, but the most people would agree that children are far more safe in a carseat than without and he said children are better off vaccinated against these potentially diseases than without.He said a lot more but thought I would share that.


eclectic66 - October 5

I am also totally on the fence with this issue. My ds is 10 weeks and I have yet to take him to his 2 month appt bc I know they are going to want to do his vaccinations and I am scared to death!! I have read some other threads where some mom's have talked about perhaps waiting until their lo's were age 2 (before they have to start daycare or school) to get them vaccinated. And I am kind of leaning in that direction. I figured that if he isn't going to school or a daycare until age 2 then perhaps I could wait until then when his little body is stronger and can handle the vaccines. I don't know what else to do honestly.


iemc19 - October 5

I have always had my children vaccinated - granted the debate didn't start until after my eldest was done - but like some of the others a lot of these diseases can cause big problems - and then look at the ones where they are almost unheard of because of the vaccinations -...For a while measles was going the same way but now its back in full force....I think though for those who are unsure but aren't actually against vaccinations ( there are those who are against them full-stop) I think if you can have them done separately and it eases your mind, that is what you should do....Eclectic - My son caught measles when he was 10 months old - he never attended any groups or anything....A wee girl's mother popped in for tea at a house I was visiting - when she saw my son she left again - her child was recovering from them at the time (she'd gone to a party to catch them!) ...that fleeting visit was all it took...I know people who go both ways on this topic...its such a hard decision to make - only you can decide for your child...


jen327 - October 5

We are going to get our son vaccinated but the doctor is going to spread out the vaccine. She said that she does this when kids have a higher risk of autism. She said she does not think it "causes" autism, but may exacerbate it in kids at risk. She spreads out the MMR as a precaution. We have a family member with Autism so that puts our son at higher risk. She said if a child starts to show signs early, like being withdrawn, not meeting milestones etc she will space out the shot, as for the Flu shot, not sure yet.


jen327 - October 5

eclectic66, I would get your LO his first set of shots. There is not a risk in those.


pebblesnbambam - October 5

Great conversation ladies... it is a hard decision isn't it. So for those of you who have looked this up... is it mainly the MMR shot that they are linking to autism. I will have a real heart to heart with my doctor on monday when my dd goes in for her shots... talk to her about spreading them out. It is soo scarey... Jendeen... that is a good way to think about it.... but... I also look at it on my side of the coin... this is something my son will deal with for the rest of his life.... BUT.... on the other hand... he has a life and if he contracted a disease such as Measules, etc.. he may not. Soo many ways to look at it... GRRRRR!


wailing - October 5

ECLECTIC--the shots everyone a__sociates w/ Autism is the MMR they get at 12 months. The others have not been linked (that I know of). I would def get the first set of shots. They are the Dtap, HIB and something else. PEBBS--thx for putting up this post. I was going to ask the same thing, I think we should keep this going and put the info all us moms get from our Dr's. All we can do is make an informed decision. Like many I am on the fence as well. I am FOR vaccinations but w/ all the press out there on th e escalating's really scary. I googled Autism Immunizations and in the first few entries (from CDC and National Aut_tstic Foundation) there were hundreds of opposing who knows.


DDT - October 5

pebblesnbambam: My brother is now 21 years old and was only officially diagnosed with Aspergers when he was 12-13 years old. My Mom had always suspected something was wrong, even when he was a baby, because he was just so withdrawn. Hardly cried...basically a VERY very relaxed, easy baby; and after having a coliky baby she was in shock (lol). My Mom took him several times to the doc who kept on saying my brother was just introverted. It was just his personality. As he got older he preferred playing toys by himself as opposed to playing with his older siblings. He has a wild imagination and he seemed to delve into his own world for hrs on end. He even thought up his own "language" when playing with his toy men. We never thought anything was "different" with him. We just thought that was who he was. He was also REALLY into video/computer games, as I suppose it helps him escape reality a little. He never did badly in school...average. When we immigrated from South Africa to Canada thats when we noticed huge changes with him that had my parents very worried. Now we know that any kind of change can be devastating to a person with Aspergers. And changing continents literally took him into having a nervous breakdown. He withdrew into himself completely and hardly ever spoke...even to his own family members. When he did speak it was one-word sentences. It was SO sad. We though it might be "pre-teen" stuff as his voice was breaking and we thought he was ashamed of his voice. It was only at his high school that the teacher finally thought it might be Aspergers. They brought a counseller in, a psychologist ect. FINALLY he was diagnosed. My parents felt/feel like failures for not addressing it sooner. They would never have made the move if they had known. It took my brother several years to become something close to himself again. He was on depression pill for about a year but stopped them because they made him feel to wonky/high. He had problems talking to strangers. He gets very nervous. He had to get help in his later years of high school because he had trouble reasoning. The way he thinks is different to how other people think. What we find funny through sarcasm he doesn't "get" at all. Now hes working in a non-social enviroment and doing really well. He drives (bought his own car). But unfortunetly has never had a girlfriend. Many times he has come by my house to talk about a girl he likes and what he can do to make her like him. He cried, I cried. It is all very very sad. Basically he thinks like a 16-17 year old, even though he's 21 years old. Hope all this personal info helps a little.


excited2bemama - October 5

Hey pebbles- I have been told that all vaccinations are mercury free now- keira has gotten all her shots so far except the rotovirus oral vaccine ( didn't feel it was necessary since she is an only child and isn't going to daycare)- However I will probably delay the MMR shot until she is 3 or so- No positive yet. and I don't plan on my kids getting the yearly flu shot. I have never gotten the flu shot and never had the flu. Since it doesn't protect against all strains of the lfu ( just the ones the cdc thinks will be prominant) I don't think its necessary. Such a hard decision.



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