Today I Laughed Because

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AlissaF - March 6

Blah to all the drama! I want to know what your little one(s) did today that made you laugh. Today Sage mastered the art of what I call monster crawling- crawling on his hands and feet with butt high in the air. It is hilarious... especially when he walks around like that while grunting! Why did you laugh today?


ash2 - March 6

LOL, alissa...aiden is doing that now ! Today i laughed because my oldest boy said he has a girlfriend and was telling me all about her !


mcatherine - March 6

Today I laughed because I have been trying to get my son to wave bye-bye to everyone for over a month now and he decided to wave bye-bye to his animal train as his brother pushed the b___ton and sent it out of the living room!


flower.momma - March 6

That is so cute! Mine is hearing my hubby put my 2-year-old to bed. He always asks her what she did during the day, and she says the funniest things. Tonight she told him that she got a b___boo, drank hot cocoa, and drew a picture of mommy. None of which she did. Today I laughed because my son is getting extremely ticklish. So cute to watch him giggle.


SonyaM - March 6

Today I asked Mason if he could say cow and instead he said "Moooooo". Cracked me up.


srigles - March 6

I laughed because Keegan sits on my laugh and stares at me with those big blue eyes and gives a big gummy smile and then laughs hysterically. Gives me a bit of a complex (am I THAT funny-looking?), but those little baby giggles always crack me up!


CyndiG - March 6

Today I laughed dh is out of town, I have two sick girls, the baby was miserable and crying just because, my older dd starts playing peek a boo with her, and she bursts out in giggles! Next thing I know both girls are in st_tches over each other. It was the BEST!


Deirdra - March 6

lol...this is i found out Trent;s elbows are ticklish! lol...i was holding him and somehow his elbow ended up in my mouth and nibbled on it and he died ahrd he got the hiccups!!!


mosley12 - March 6

i laughed because ds is scared when i stand up and stretch..i know its bad i laugh but he;s so cute...he was in his rocking seat, and i was on the floor with him, and i stood up and strectched, and he was from smiling, to sticking the lip out, to screaming in was sooo precious


cae - March 6

Ethan learned how to waive bye recently, but he waves backwards, like he is waving to himself. So cute!!


Renee924 - March 6

I laughed because my baby is starting to act as if she's enamoured with dh and I. I was feeding her and watching tv, and I glanced down at her and she was staring at me wide-eyed, mouth gaping and when she saw me look back at her she broke into a big gummy smile.


BriannasMummy - March 6

I laughed today because Ka__si is getting this new talking thing down pat.. I talk to her and ask her questions and she coos back to me with the funniest little faces and the sweetest little voice. I laughed today because Brianna decided she has grown out of one of her boots .. I said that we would go and buy some new shoes.. and she said.. no no mommy I only need ONE boot! Every single day they make me smile! ~Kristin~


jb - March 7

Today I laughed because my dd fell asleep in her high chair for the first time. It was so funny and cute!!!


Mingill - March 7

Today I laughed because my DS giggles when I b__w kisses on his tummy.


LollyM - March 7

Great post! Today I laughed when Ava was "dancing" and clicking her tongue. It was so cute! Also, she is scared of the vacuum, so I have to hold her when I use it. Well, today when I was vacuuming and holding her on my hip, she kept grabbing onto me and pushing her head into my chest to snuggle. It was so sweet =) Also, my best friend came over and we took Ava for a walk in her stroller, and she kept looking up at us through the clear part at the top of the sunshade. It was so cute! Aww, the list of cute things just goes on and on =)


KLC - March 7

This morning I went to pick Aaron up out of his crib and he put his little arms up and gave me this huge grin and said mumumum. I melt everytime I see that grin.


HANNAHs Mom - March 7

This morning I laughed bc Hannah (18m) took off her pj's, went into her big sister's drawer and took out 2 pair of underwear and began to put one up each cute. I think she is telling me she is ready for something! :)



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