Today I Laughed Because

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HANNAHs Mom - March 7

This morning I laughed bc Hannah (18m) took off her pj's, went into her big sister's drawer and took out 2 pair of underwear and began to put one up each cute. I think she is telling me she is ready for something! :)


Emily - March 7

Today I laughed because Mary came up to me and said, "so how did your day go?" I guess she hears it all the time form her daddy and I!


HannahBaby - March 7

Today I laughed because my daughter and son are becoming so close already. I had jacob laying on his play mat and hannah goes right under it and lays with him. He looks at her and i can see the admiration in his eyes as he busts out the cutest biggest smile at her. She holds his hands, and shares a gentle kiss here and there. She loves her "Jakey". We had a hard time adjusting, but i am so glad that she has come around to her little brother.


SuzieQ - March 7

I haven't laughed much yet today (it's only 730) but I had to laugh yesterday because my 5 mo old dd was sitting on a hardwood floor and decided to do a number two. She rumbled so hard we could feel the floor vibrate under our feet!!!


seanandmya - March 7

I shouldn't have laughed but this morning my 4 year old son told my 1 year old daughter to ' get bent ' !!! I thinks thats the end of the simpsons in my house ! Ooops : D


Miriam - March 7

Today, I laughed because Eric was sliding on his belly backwards across the whole room. I called him Michael Jackson (you know the whole moonwalk thing--whatever it made sence at the time) :) But lately he makes me laugh all the time because he is just starting to walk on his own and he is so exited and gigles when he does it.


Emily - March 7

Seanandmya, that is too funny, you made me laugh today with that one. My two year opld watches that stupid show with my dh…..sigh!


Pea Pod - March 7

I'm sure going to miss the simpsons when my lo gets old enough to understand it. Dd is only 7 weeks so the things she's done to make me laugh is burp really loud in my ear, fart about 10 times on me, smile at me, and make some funny cooing noises. I really love her smile, it brightens my day!


tryingx3 - March 7

She TRULY REACHED for me yesterday! :-)


AnytimeLittleone - March 7

I cracked up laughing today, so hard I couldnt catch my breath. The baby was in her jolly jumper.. and we discovered that if we throw dog treats at the babies feet, the dog has to play "dive and grab" between jumps... the dog loves it, and the baby thinks its hillarious.. (No dogs or babies were harmed).


austinsmom - March 7

I laughed today because my 14 month old and I were playing and I would hide behind something and then jump out and say "boo" at him and he burst out laughing and then he would jump up and say "ish" back at me. I rolf and he lay down on the floor and rolled too. So so cute.


olhdw101 - March 7

Today I laughed because I got a call from the school that my 8 year old dd split a gaping hole down the back side of her pants in gym today....Dh is bringing her another pair.....


singlem0m - March 7

DH was changing Lily's diaper and she farted on him as soon as he pulled her diaper off - and then she broke out into a huge grin (and she's only 8 weeks old)


luviduvi - March 7

Today I laughed b/c my 2yo dd punched my 5 mth old ds in the head. He didn't even flinch, (and yes, we corrected our daughter). I laughed b/c all I could think about was my son, Cole, saying "You just wait Grace, I'll get you back someday!" He is way bigger than she was at this age and he was a premie! Ha


Nerdy Girl - March 7

My kids and I are sick so I haven't laughed at much today, but I just had to tell Luviduvi that my daughter is named Grace and Cole is the name I really wanted for our son. Dh never bought into Cole, so we ended up with another name. My daughter did/does the same thing to my son you describe and he is totally gonna squash her one of these days too because he is already WAAAAAY bigger than she ever was at this age.


luviduvi - March 7

Nerdy Girl, how funny! We were going to name our son Tanner but I have always loved the name Cole. My dh thought it was a good athletic name!!! One can never go wrong with the name Grace...............luv it



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