Todays Topic Setting A Bedtime Routine For Your Little One

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javidsgirl - September 21

i thought everyday a different mother or I could post a topic for a day and each mother especialy you experiance mums could share your tips. which will prove to be so useful to all our first time mums like me well really all mums and bring us closer as a community. as you can see todays topic is setting a routine so bring on the tips ladies ?


javidsgirl - September 21

i currently give my dd a bath,then feed her but i still hvae trouble getting her actualy go to sleep although some nights i have success


kvilendrer - September 21

Hey javidsgirl!! Do you remember me? I was on one of the other threads with you. I just had my baby 5 weeks ago. I really really want to see pictures of yours! Do you have a website or something??


javidsgirl - September 21

hey there longtime no talk yes i have pics of course you go to w w w.august babies and just click on my screen name. congrats on your NB is it a girl or boy? and what did you anme him/her. my dd"s name is mariam and she is 6 weeks old


kvilendrer - September 21

that's great! i'll go look right now. i had`a boy, his name is Caiden, and he was 5 weeks old yesterday.


kvilendrer - September 21

Tanya, she's beautiful! Congratulations! So how are things going with you and your family? I hope things are great! How are you adjusting to being a mom? It's even difficult the second time around. I really had to adjust to having two babies. And then, I went back to work last week, so now I have to adjust to being a mom to 2, and working, and taking care of the house and everything else. It's a very busy life!


javidsgirl - September 21

oh lord girl how do you do it. i love being a mum i look at my little girl and i think how did i get so lucky. my family is doing well i lost my dad back in july god felt it was that he went home i miss him alot but i know he is better off now. my mum is coming to live with me now other than that everything is going good how about yourself


AudreyC - September 21

My dd is 10 months, her bedtime routine begins at 8:30 PM with a feeding, then a bath, and by 9:00 she's in her crib wearing her jammies. I sing her a song and sit with her for a few minutes, then it's lights out. Sometimes she cries, sometimes she doesn't, it depends on how tired she actually is. Our problem is that she still wakes at least once a night, sometimes twice. Usually it's because her diaper is wet, but she also has eczema that really bothers her, and she won't settle down again unless she's had a snack (a 4 oz bottle). Hubby says that she's using the bottle as a comfort and we should try to keep her off of it, but that's easy to say when you don't have to deal with the screaming at 3 AM (he usually sleeps through it all).


mlm056 - September 21

my ds is 3 months. Bedtime routine starts at 8pm with a bath, then I read 1-2 books to him and then he has his bottle -- its a great routine -- once his feet hit the bath water, he starts to yawn -- it's his trigger that night-time is here and it's time to settle in for the night.


PaigeMeagans mommy - September 21

Every night when I get home. dinner is cooked or either its ready . While they girls are eating their dinner, I feed my son who is 6 months. After dinner I clean up and they play. After that all 3 of them take a bath together. After bath time is story time and my husband or I give our son a bottle before his bed time. We also watch cartoons and right now I am teaching my 3 year old her abc's and numbers, so we work on that. 8:00 is bed time for all 3 of them. Girls share a room, so I put on a movie and they both watch a little tv in their room and go right to sleep.


DDT - September 21

My ds is 7 months old. Our bedtime routine includes: Walk, bath, book, bottle, bed. It takes a hr to get all that done. My lo is in bed by 7pm.


JerseyGirl - September 21

My DS is 14 weeks old and his night-time routine is the same, though the start time varies. I try to get him in his jammies before his second-to-last bottle (which is around 6 or 7pm). Anywhere from 9 to 11 he gets his last bottle in his bedroom on the glider with the lights down low and soft music playing. No talking either. Since he's usually already asleep before eating at this time, he stays asleep. Once he's done eating, I hold him on my shoulder for 15-20 minutes to help digestion, then gently put him on his side in his crib. He's out for the night (about 6 or 7 hours). I wonder when I'll get to getting him down at 8 or 9pm...


javidsgirl - September 21

so iguess the key is keeping the routine the same right?


JerseyGirl - September 21

With the same elements, yes. Make something consistent so they start to learn "this is bedtime for the night." For my son, it's got to be the low lighting and soft music. Which, of course, makes ME sleepy, but I'm the adult and have to deal with that! Good luck.


excited2bemama - September 21

MY lo is 3.5 months. Her routine is pretty simple- around 630 or 7- Change diaper, put on jammies, nurse in her bedroom with fan on for white noise, and no lights except night light. She nurses till she is super full and super drowsy- Then I put her in her crib ( she is awake but super groggy), swaddle her, and she goes to sleep. If she fusses a little bit I pop in her paci-. we usually do baths in the am - every other day


Allisonc79 - September 21

baths energize my lo at 8 weeks old so I give her those during the day as well. We like to give her a bottle around 8 and then she is asleep at around 9 pm each night on her own, about when we go to bed. Also our apartment has alot of windows and we don't have drapes yet so she is up an hour or so before daylight. Thats helped put her in a routine as well. It's getting her to sleep through the night that is hard. She still wakes up 2 or 3 times.


wailing - September 22

My lo is 13wks. I bathe him (only every few days), put on lotion, jammies, dim the lights, nurse him and put him in his crib still awake. He usually falls asleep in a few minutes. If he is still pretty alert we turn on his sound machine. The nites I don't bathe him we wipe him down, change...and same routine. He is on such a schedule now, he fusses if it's pa__sed his bedtime and wants to be alone:)



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