Toddler Potty Training

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missie - December 2

i am so confused!! my daughter has been using the potty chair since she was 18 months old. she would tell me when she had to go potty and i'd take her diaper off. i tried letting her run around without a diaper but she would go potty wherever she was when she needed to go. so we tried the pullup thing. that didn't work. we bought her big girl panties and she just peed in them. now she won't use the potty at all!! she's 27 months old now. is this normal for her to regress and not want to use the potty chair? any suggestions on what i should do? thanks a lot!!


zaks - December 2

yes my eldest now four would sit on the toilet at 18 months but did not want to at 2 years 8 months so dont worry


chelsey - December 2

I copied and pasted an old post I had written for some one else........I started potty training my daughter at 18 months old. She seemed ready, so I gave it a shot. At first she would just sit on the potty and cry because she wasn't sure of what to do... but the more I enforced the idea of the potty the more used to it she became. I even let her run around the house without a diaper, so she knew what a gross feeling it was to have an accident in her pants. Eventually, one day after sitting on the potty for almost an hour she peed, and I made the biggest deal about it! I blew up balloons, she got treats and we did a lot of cheering and clapping! She was so proud of herself! It took about a week of constant reminders and "practicing", before she was trained. She hasn't had an accident since. Good luck , b/c potty training is hard for some kids. Also, my neice who is 4 just started wetting the bed. It started after her parents brought home the newborn. Some kids will resort going into "old habits" for attention. Make sure you sit her on the potty a couple of times an hour. Then take her off in 20 minutes, if she still hasn't gone potty. Keep doing it, and explain that "big girls" use the potty. I've heard of moms parking them infront of the t.v. on the potty. Dont, they lose too much thought on what they are supposed to be doing. Sit her in the bathroom, no distractions. Also, some kids wont go on a little potty. Try sitting her on the toilet. She might like it better!


Jbear - December 2

I think I pushed my daughter too hard about the potty-training. She didn't learn until she was 3 years 4 months. The only way I finally got her trained was to let her run around with a bare behind (no diaper, no pull-up, no underwear) because if she had anything on at all she wouldn't use the toilet. It was summertime, and for about a month my carpet machine never made it back to the closet...but thank goodness it finally worked! She still sleeps in a pull-up, but it always stays dry.


missie - December 2

thanks for the input ladies!!! i guess my concern is that i am expecting again and i wanted to get her potty trained befor the baby is born un july because everything i've read says that when they get a new sibling or have another big change to their life, it will interrupt the process. i don't mind the idea of letting her run around bare-bottomed, it's just so cold here in colorado and even with the heat on, i feel like it's too cold for her. she did start to prefer the toilet just before she gave up the whole notion. i was thinking about buying one of the seats that you sit on top of the toilet seat, so she won't fall in, although that doesn't seem to be a fear of hers (just mine!!). i ask her if she wants to wear big girls panties and go on the potty like a big girl and she just says, "nope". lol. i don't want to push her too hard because i'm afraid she'll rebel and decide never to do it (well, not NEVER). i suppose she'll start showing more signs when she's ready. thanks again!!


Stella - December 2

Stressful situations such as being rushed, having a pregnant mom or other types of pressure can make pott training not happen. Don't put too much emphasis on it. It will happen when it is time. You won't have to show up at school durring lunch to change diapers! LOL If doesn't happen by 3 1/2 you may talk to a doctor to rule out a medical problem.


missie - December 3

yesterday i put the potty chair in the hallway by my daughter's play room and told her when she is ready to go potty to let me know. about an hour later she went over to it, pulled her pants down and took her diaper off then sat down and peed!! i guess she just needed to be reminded that it's there. lol. i'll just stick with that and hopefully she'll start using more often!!


chelsey - December 3

Yay! What a big girl! Did you make a big "hoopla" about it?!!!


Julei - December 3

I think I started my son too early he was around 20 months. He would go sometimes but then other times go in his pants intentionally. Finally when he was a little over 2 I got rid of the pullups gave him real big guy underpants and I stayed home for a week and didn't go anywhere. He was potty trained by the end of the week. We just kept going to the bathroom and I made a chart for rewards. He is 3 1/2 now and never pees the bed and rarely has accidents. It was a pride thing with him. Once he felt good about himself he did it all the time. We also bought a potty book and read it constantly.


missie - December 3

yeah, i made a pretty big deal about it. she was very proud of herself. she has a potty book that she loves to read too. hopefully this will stick! thanks guys!!



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