Toddler Bed

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mommy716 - September 24

How old was your child when you first put her/him in a toddler bed? my son is 14 months and still in a crib! he sleeps all nite but moves around alot and I'm afraid hes going to fall outta bed!


Nerdy Girl - September 24

My daughter stayed in her crib until she was 2 1/2, and then went right to a full size bed with rails.


flower.momma - September 24

My dd switched over to a toddler bed at 18 months. I am pregnant, and the baby is due Nov. 29, so we didn't want the baby to "kick her out" of her bed. Our entire upstairs is one giant bedroom, so we set up a slightly enclosed corner on the far side of the room for her. I let her pick out her own sheets, some wall hangings, a nightstand and a lamp. She loved her new bedroom right away and never looked back at her crib. 14 months old is definitley not too old to be sleeping in a crib. Many little guys stay in there until they are 3 or 4. The thing to consider is the proximity of your son's bedroom to yours. For instance, my dd has gotten up before, gone into the bathroom, and poured herself a cup of water from the faucet. SCARY! Since we are right there I was able to stop her quickly, but just imagine a toddler at the other end of the house. They do get up and "roam" during the night.


sahmof3 - September 24

My oldest was almost 3 when he moved to his "big boy" bed. We moved him when we found out we were pregnant with #2- as flower.momma said- we didn't want him to think the baby "kicked him out of his crib". My daughter was about 23 months when we moved her into her bed- because she was able to climb out of the crib. Even at that age we had trouble with her coming out of her room and wandering around in the middle of the night, so we had to put those door knob covers in the inside of her door to keep her in. My youngest is 14 months old and he'll go in a bed when he shows signs of wanting to climb out or gets tall enough that his chest level is high enough that he could fall out from being "top heavy". Honestly I couldn't imagine having him in a bed now. I think he'd just get out all night long.


sahmof3 - September 24

Oh yeah- I'm just remembering... my daughter was also going in and waking up the baby... fun times :-(


Brittany - September 24

My son was 23 months when he started using his toddler car bed. We had a baby 3 months ago and she used the ba__sinet for awhile then we switched her to his old crib. He really likes the car bed and hasn't shown any jealousy issues with the baby being in the crib. He never tried climbing out of the crib either so I'm sure he could have used it longer but I figured since we had the baby, he could have a big boy bed!



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